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Test-E/Tren A/Winny Cycle


As I always do before i start a cycle I like to get the opinions of you guys before I start,
I will be running the below in the coming weeks any suggestions??? Wanted to know if anyone had any advise/experience on when to include the tren, I've pushed it to the end of the cycle to start when the test kicks in, would it be better to run the tren and winny at the beginning and forget the kick start on the test??? Any suggestions would be great....thanks

Weeks 1-10 - Test E/500mg/wk .6mlEOD.....possible front load 1000mg first week 750mg second
Weeks 3-10 - Tren A 100mg/EOD 1 mlEOD
Weeks 3-6 Winny 50mg/ED
Weeks 8-12 - Winny 50mg/ED
Armidex .5mg EOD (possible)
Run nolva 20 mg / day if needed

Weeks13: Nolvadex 40Mg/day
week 14: Nolvadex 40Mg/day
week 15: Nolvadex 20Mg/day
week 16: Nolvadex 20Mg/day


Its up to you, but I’d probably run the tren straight up to the day before PCT like you’re doing with the winny. I’d also run equal test to tren ratio, but you know what works for you.


yeah that was another one, only got 7 weeks worth of tren at 100mg EOD. thought if it was at the front end of the cycle might get better results than the end. First time on Tren so I’m open to suggestions


Well read some threads about peoples experience with test to tren ratios - side effects seem to be drastically limited while maintaining great gains by limiting the testosterone dose. Some go as low to include just a replacement dose of test while running a moderate dose of tren and have next to nothing in terms of sides. The sides seem to be highly dependent on how high the test is run. I have chosen 1 to 1 test/tren ratio and am having a great cycle with insomnia really being the only issue (which I have somewhat any way).

And 7 weeks will be fine length for tren… two options… run the tren in the beginning as a bit of a kickstart as the test is coming up or at the end when the test is in full swing in the body. The effects (both positive and negative) will most likely be enhanced towards the end of the cycle when the testosterone has reached a steady concentration in your body so its up to you to decide. I’d say wait till the end.


ok man what you think about this

Weeks 1-10 - Test E/500mg/wk .6mlEOD…possible front load 1000mg first week 750mg second
Weeks 6-12 Tren A 120mg/EOD 1.2 mlEOD 420mg/week
Weeks 3-6 Winny 50mg/ED
Weeks 8-12 - Winny 50mg/ED

might even opt for a 10 week cycle

Weeks 1-8 - Test E/750/wk
Weeks 5-10 Tren A 140mg/EOD 1.4 mlEOD
Weeks 1-4 Winny 50mg/ED
Weeks 7-10 - Winny 50mg/ED


Use an insulin syringe and pin the tren every day.


how would you incorp PROVIRON into this cycle