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Test E-Tren A-Eq Need Help


I’m new here. I have a new cycle idea, that would be my 4th cycle. I’m 20 years old, 6 ft and 210 with appr 12-3% bf.

1-16.week 750mg test e
1.week 300 test prop
1-10.week 500mg eq(boldenone)
6-16.week 200mg tren ace
Maybe 4weeks 40-50mg of dbol at the beginning
0.5mg arimidex ed
2.5mg bromocriptine ed when on tren for prolactin
500iu hcg ew
Pct tamoxifen

What do you think? Thanks for your help.

I would do little different, but remember, this is My O.

1-16 500 test E
1-16 750 EQ
6-16 500 tren A

You may not need to control prolactin, so… I’d not use bromo
0.5mg adex is OK for 500 of test, or even less around 400mg
500iu hcg is OK, if you want to do it…
Tamox is OK as a little help (PCT)

That’s a shitload of arimidex unless you are a hyper aromatizer.