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Test E, Tren A, Eq Cycle. Critique?

ok im 6’6" 245 pounds with about 7-8% BF. this is not my first cycle but will be my first tren cycle and i have just finished a cut and am ready to cycle again. im nervous about the tren and the prolactin induced gyno. im just getting all the info and comments i can about this cycle. some questions i need answered in this post are how long should i run the tren and eq for? what AI is best for this cycle? should i run the pct for 4 weeks or 6 weeks? i havent bought any of this yet so any and all info would be awesome before i get it.

this is how i plan on running my cycle:
wk 1-12 test e 750 mg/wk
wk 1-? tren a 75 mg/ed
wk 1-? eq 500 mg/wk
wk 1-12 nolva 20 mg/ed
i was planning to use nolva for pct as well but again let me know if adex or letro would be better for an AI on cycle.

EDIT- when i say i just got done with a cut i dont mean one involving AAS. i did it with a clean, strict diet and with an intense training regimen. no substances whatsoever besides protein of course. and my last cycle involving AAS ended almost 5 months ago and it only lasted for 10 weeks so ive taken more than enough time off

What were your previous cycles? How long ago did you finish your last one?

Most people say that you need to run EQ for at least 12 weeks but it seems like 14 is more common. Regardless, you would need to run the test one week longer due to the ester on the EQ. Pct would start two weeks after the test and three after the EQ. I have never used tren so I cant really comment on that. Use nolvadex during pct only and arimidex on cycle. Letro will probably be overkill, even at the dosages listed.

This is all pretty basic stuff. I would read the stickies if you haven’t already (or again if you have).

EDIT- Caber will help with the prolactin issues.

Regarding “pct would start two weeks after the test”…I disagree…closer to 3 weeks sounds more right, since at 750 mg, it will take close to that time to clear down to 100 mg or less level. No point in starting PCT while you are still suppressed.

Pretty heavy cycle, relatively, for a second one. WOuld be curious to see what your previous cycle history was.

I know nothing about EQ.

im 23 and my previous cycles have been test, tes/deca, test/dbol. i have done these cycles with no complications as far as estro sides but the only thing that im nervous about is the prolactin induced gyno from the tren. i bought enough nolva to run the pct for 6 weeks bc the tren can shut you down really hard and i planned on starting 3 weeks after my last inject. as far as an AI for on cycle i could only get more nolva which i realize isnt an AI but a SERM. i bought some adex from a research chemical site to add to the nolva on cycle and some caber and t3 from them as well to help with the prolactin. i can probably get my hands on some legit adex in a month or so and i plan on getting that ASAP. again any first time tren help would be awesome.