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Test E / Tren A Cycle



Got a question for my third cycle in June.

How will a Test-E and a TA cycle work?
Considering the Test won't work until week 3-4.

My source is out of Test-P until September (don't ask me why).

This is how I want to run it:
Test E - 500mg EW 10 weeks
Tren A - 300mg EW 8 weeks
Adex - 0.25mg EoD
Maybe TBOL from 1-10, but afraid its gonna be overkill.

Nolva - 40/40/20/20


You are splitting those shots up, right? Thats just your weekly totals?

If you are using test E with tren A, you should probably frontload to avoid that wait, and maybe wait a few weeks to add the tren.

Think about this, with test E, even when you stop it will be in your system... The TA will be out faster, so you may be okay to just frontload, then run the tren the last 7-8 weeks.. this is just an idea though, not sure how it would work in practice. Everyone I know has always ran the same esters together.

Can you get TNE?




Set it up so you are still running the tren during the weeks between the last Test E shot and the first dose of nolvadex.

Frontload the test and start the tren a week later. Although it wouldnt be a big deal to start them at the same time (without or without a frontload). Just because you dont see muscle gain from test E in the first couple of weeks doesnt mean it isnt doing anything. Saying the test 'wont work' for X weeks is a big time oversimplifcation and is basically wrong. It 'works' from the minute it is injected.




Yes a frontload is always a good idea


Yes, Bigskwatta, those are my weekly totals,
Test E injected EoD and TA injected ED.

Alright, Ill fronload 750mg-1gram Test then at week 3 start with the TA (so it goes through the last 2 weeks after last Test shot.

Any input if I should add the OT?

Thanks for the replies.


What is your cycle history?


You wont notice the tbol at all in the presence of test and tren at those doses. And my advice is; if you have to ask just leave it out.



First - Test E 500mg EW
Second - Test E 750mg EW , Turanabol 30mg ED w1-6.


Alright, will drop it.


You could probably get by without tren for this cycle, if you want to take a minimalist approach.

What exactly are your goals for the cycle?


My main goal is strenght,
second is to not pass more than 1% increased BF, Im eating alot of clean food so it shouldn't be a problem, but I've never tried Tren so Ill see how it works out.


Depending on your response and the sides tren will either be your best friend our worst enemy. Im currenting using the same 2 compounds teste and trena. Normally I favor keeping the test low and the tren high as that enables me to avoid sides from tren. However Im returning to a higher test phase with medium tren. I'll be running my trena 2 weeks on then 2 weeks off. Someone I trust a lot recommended this to me so Im giving it a shot. Otherwise and if it doesnt work I'll be back down on test and up the tren and probably re-introduce some mast. But for strength tren is unequalled IMO if you train properly for strength