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Test E, Tren A, Anadrol

I currently on hand have
2 vials 250mg/ml Test E
4 vials 100mg/ml Tren A
2 (100) packets of Anadrol orals 25mg
I’m currently 20 years old 5.8 height and go to the gym pretty regularly
I’ve ran test and tren cycles when I was 18 then ended up giving up because my girlfriend at the time frowned upon steroids, never had any side effects I knew of
I was planning on running
Week 1-8 test e 600mg a week 300mg sunday 300mg wensday
Week 1-6 tren a 600mg a week 200mg Monday 200mg wensday 200mg Friday
And Anadrol I have no clue on was thinking around 400 a week
This will be the first time for Anadrol for me and I’m just asking what dosages I should run for the best results,

I’ll respond to this if you can explain the term “half life” and how it relates to “enanthate ester.”

Out of curiosity how did you come to the conclusion of buying the above stated drugs in the quantity purchased? Also why did you choose to combine them? Did your buddy from the gym, who “knows his shit” just have them leftover from someone elses debacle?

Seriously how did you come to layout this dosage schedule?

I would lower the test e to 3 or 400 to reduce sides and anadrol is recommended mid level around 50mg per day. Good luck, i personally am obsessed with tren a lol! :muscle:

Alright this has been eating at me. I think this layout could not be worse. Test E should be run for a minimum of ten weeks really should be a minimum of twelve. It won’t really kick in until week three or so but not really be working and stable until five weeks. So that leaves you with only three weeks of test e really doing what it is you are putting your health at risk for. You have tren at a really ridiculous level like “I am a pro who has run tren six or seven times and I have to run it that high because of my prior usage” level. Then you are only running it for six weeks. Out of those six weeks you only have about three weeks where the test is working along with the tren. AND TO TOP IT ALL OFF you are throwing in anadrol. (I still cannot figure how you plan to dose at 400 mgs a week it would require you taking two tablets and cutting them into seven equal parts then taking two whole tablets and two sevenths of a tablet a day to equal 400 mgs a week.) Anadrol is a known progesterone or at least it has progestenic activity. You are combining that with TREN (another progesterone) without the mention of an AI or anti progesterone. Plus you are running a very toxic oral for EIGHT WEEKS!!!

You are mixing the wrong kind of esters for a cycle I cannot figure out if you want it to be a short or long one. You are too young to be using steroids. You have obviously not bothered to even read the most basic stuff from THIS sight and your illustrious background is “go to the gym pretty regularly.”

And I noticed you didn’t even bother to put in your body weight, probably because you knew what kind of response you would get. If you knew what kind of a response you would get that means you at least read a few threads, so good for you.