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Test E Tired All The Time


i am on the 3rd week of test e 500 mg/week with week 1 being 1000 mg.
I am eating about 350-400 g protein , about 200 g carbs, and about 100 g fat. doing aboput 30 min of cardio (3.8 speed 5 incline) 3-4 days /week.
since the end of week 1 i have been extremely tired and want to sleep all the time. is this normal? thanks


Are you doing this after a weight training regimen?

Are you overtraining?



do not think i am overtraining. maybe i am. i am lifting 4 days /week.
mon back/traps/bis 3 exercises back 1 bis 1 traps

tues quads/abs/calves 3 exercises quads 1 abs 1 calves

off wed and thursday

fri is chest shoulders tris, 3 for shest 1 shoulder 1 tris

sat is hams/abs/calves
2 hams 1 abs 1 calves.
doing about 70 - 80%of 1rm keeping reps about 4-10


How much sleep you getting each night?

Is this a new training programme or one that you have been using for a while?


Week three -- doesn't it usually take 4 weeks for Test-e to fully saturate the system, or does the FL change that?


not the exact program i had been on, but very similar, 4 days of lifting was the same, just changed split.

as for the sleep, i a m sleeping about 6 hours a day, but it is not all at one time. sleep about 4 hours at night and about 2-3 during the day from about 9-12 or so. that is no different than what has been going on for the last couple of years. maybe it is just catching up to me.


I think it's normal. I've done four or five cycles and every time I do one (they've all had test-e in them) I go thru a spell where I'm really tired and then I start to come out of it and then my wife worries about the next side effect cause I won't leave her alone:)



Have you changed your diet? Changes like a hundred grams of carbs in a diet can really have an impact on your energy levels.
Another question is are you getting enough food energy to compensate the extra needed for the training?


yes everything but the carbs is the same. cut carbs by about 150 /day


Well, I just started a cycle of test prop, test suspension, anavar, and T3. Two things are happening right now- I am dead tired (like you said) and I want to eat everything. I don't know why. Nothing has changed in my diet or training or sleeping. Just the addition of the anabolics and T3. If anything has changed, I am eating a bit more carbs (due to the appetite) and sleeping a bit more.

Every other cycle I have done has filled me with aggressive energy. But every other cycle has mainly been full of d-bol and massive doses of enthanate. I am taking a heavy dose of anastrozole, so maybe the lack of estrogen has something to do with it.


T3 will make you lethargic and HUNGRY.

Aside from that, yes you will notice you're tired on test or other AAS at times. Seems pretty common, especially with test. 8-10 hours a night is best and an 1-2 hour nap is even better on top of that. Get your bp checked out and if you're cool think of it like me. When you're growing your need rest. I remember going through puberty and having spurts of muscle growth where I was tired as hell all the time. You see the possible correlation?


Good pooint Wide.


I really believe that the number one overlooked aspect to getting big is a proper sleep cycle (that is for anyone who is listening ... which is nobody).
And thanks for the info on the T3 wideguy, this is my first time using it. I was wondering if it was contributing to the lethargy.


I'd disagree. I might not feel energetic on T3, but most of the time I don't feel lethargic either. Hungry... sometimes, but even if I'm eating rather little (mostly protein), I tend to have no problems on it.


I agree. SOme people don't get those sides. Kinda like tren. Makes me anit-social as shit. Others feel great on it. Or drol, some feel like warm death (me) other have no problem.

But considering that t3 is cranking your metabolism it would make sense that you want more food.