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Test E the Best Bang for My Buck?


I have been reading about many different types of steroids and they all seem to be a crutch in some way but I am not in any competition so getting down to 7% BF isnt a priority but I think 12% is ok and then letting diet be the difference in seeing abs or not ... and Cytomel is also an option .

I just want to know what is the best bang for the buck I can get Test E fairly cheap and anadrol fairly cheap .... and I would only use Anadrol or Dbol just to kick start a cycle .... what would add more mass to you 100mg/day of anadrol or an extra 250mg of test E/week?

I think the paraboland and primo are ok as well as winstrol but the prices are up there. I am a novice at AAS and I understand that keeping it simple at first is the best way to go. I can handle the sides of test even at say 1000mg a week but it then gets costly as the AI and anti Es get to be used and I have some now just incase.

Is there anything that test 500 - 1000mg a week cannot accomplish with a good diet and busting your ass in the gym? Over time and using proper PCT and/or possibly Test taper.To help maintain your gains? I would feel great at a 10%BF and look great I also look feel greatish lol at 14% but I dont have the definition I want. That is also a reason I was asking earlier about Lactic acid trainning on Test E 500mg/week Having that natural GH boost would be my new drug lol.

Is Teat E the best bang for my buck ?? I also have Cytomel, Clen, Gynodel<<< that shit rocks... Tons of Ephedra and Salbutol tabs < I think the Salbutol will be good in my PCT for muscle retention IMO>

I am in my first Cycle and I just swapped from Dbol to Anadrol 50 ?100mg a day along with the TestE 500 week... the test is I feel starting to influence just a tad at this point but its hard to tell.... Is it common for anadrol to cause painful lower back pumps ?? Doing anything at all except laying in the bed .... and if so... what in the hell can I do about them ?

Other than stopping the anadrol.
I remember that superdrol caused similar problems and someone suggested Tyrosine at about 3000mg/day if that would work Ill get it TODAY.
Chyte I have rambled wayy too much


don't event think to do a test cycle with less than 500mg/week of it.

and... do some serious research :slightly_smiling:

Just my 2�?�cents...


Cadav was a bunch of help, but I'll see if I can add anything.

I really don't think or see how the Tyrosine would help at all with Back pumps? I think people are thinking about the tyrosine defincent cramps that people get while taking b2a's like Clenbuterol, but I could be wrong. I've found that training the abs lightly and consistantly helps a bit, and they usually go away..and yeah, it's common for Anadrol and really all orals to cause them, some injects like Tren too (people think it's kidney pain.)

Test is going to be your best bang for your buck, and really all that most people ever need - The rest is topping. Winstrol is a very harsh drug, and Parabolan (tren) is also, though IMO not quite as bad.

Do some research and come back with some specific questions and everyone here can help a bunch. You have quite a few drugs on your list and really I don't see your reason for listing them, maybe there was a question there?


I LOVE test E, and even at 250 mgs./week I gained 12 lb.s and lots of strength. I ran that dose after being on sust/deca/primo for about 8 weeks, then off 4, then on the test E. And you'll feel great! My favorite brand so far has been Galenika amps. The glass is thick as fuck, but once you get the neck snapped off it's worth all that scoring!


Test is king. Period.

You have way too many drugs listed for a first cycle, and you are all over the place. Focus on asking just one question.

Once you can concentrate on a single question, it will be easier for us to answer and for you to research.


I have ran anadrol for my second day now and the back pumps are there but if you just shut up and work out back and abs ect yes they seem to lessen considerably. Day two and the effect is well crazy .... I will be on it for only 10 days my recovery is wicked even right now.Visibly its very noticable. The Test E will have had enough time to kick in by the time the anadrol is gone If its as good as the anadrol its gonna be fun LOL.

       Thanks for the responses and although I was all over the place my questions were answered.

I will use only Test E and kick start with Dbol or anadrol. Just keep it simple. I work whole body 4 times a week with one day arms and traps only. I dont work calves they are freaky as they are.
Thanks for the answers


Day 2 and you're worried/talking about back pumps???? I understand why you get rages, Rainjack.... This is a STUPID FUCKIN' POST.2 days on A-drol, wow, stand back Cutler! The box is open! What did you say before rain? Shoot me or this MOFO!


Rage causes blindness. You need to settle down, he very clearly is not on day two of his cycle, but has been out of Anadrol for two days. Read before you get lose your composure.


Just shut up.