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Test E + Test Cyp Interchangeable?


hi guys,

Im a new member to the forums and it seems like theres some very knowledgeable people here, my question is : is test enanthate and test cyp interchangeable?

Example, i know they are very similar and have long esters but if i was running a test e or a test cyp cycle, and i ran out of one but could only get the other mid cycle, would it make a difference and hinder any test levels/gains? so weeks 1-6 test e and then weeks 6-12 test cyp instead would this be a problem at all.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


I think you should run an experiment and go for it and see if you can notice a difference.


well it looks like i might just have to because my supplier doesnt have any cyp now hes only got enanthate, and thats the reason i ask i just wanted to see what people thought because if it were to be a problem i would try my best to get some cyp elsewhere.

Thanks for reply


I have always operated that Cyp and Eth were essentially the same. I have had both and never noticed anything different.


I pin 2x week cyp from my dr. Forgot to reorder and got E and noticed no difference


Thats brilliant, am a little less worried now, thanks knobby