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Test E, Tbol Cycle

This will be my 3rd cycle just want to make sure I’m not overlooking anything. Im 36, 6’4” 230. I’m trying to keep it simple and get bigger and stronger while leaning out at the end. I was thinking of running Var at the end but I’m not sure about 2 different orals in the same cycle. Let me know if I should change anything up. I’ve been reading a lot of conflicting info on HCG…not sure if I should run it during cycle or not.

Wk 1-12: Test E - 500mg/wk
Wk 1-5: Tbol - 60mg/day
Wk 10-13: Tbol - 60mg/day
Wk 1-14: Arimidex .25mg EOD
Wk 1-13: HCG 500iu/wk
Wk 14-17: Nolva 40/40/20/20
Wk 15-18: Clomid 50/50/50/50

Looks good.
The HCG, basically two schools of thought. One run during cycle to prevent shutdown. Two run for one month prior to PCT. The one month prior to PCT is the older method and we have learned from past mistakes. I have seen online where people express a concern about your body desensitizing to synthetic FSH or LH. I forget which one HCG mimics. But i have reason to believe that the “don’t take it too long” originally was tied to clomid and someone saw the similarity and assumed it was for both. Again I forget the specifics but both clomid and HCG do something with either FSH or LH. One of them stimulates it’s release and one is a synthetic replacement for it. I forget which is which.
I probably just made you more confused than when you started. The method most people tend to use these days is the HCG throughout the cycle to prevent shutdown.
That being said you are not doing anything to harsh with known long term shutdown associated with it so recovery should be fairly straightforward with or without HCG.

Tbol, I love the stuff. It’s one of the less toxic orals and I just get giddy like a school girl with the associated history behind it. I have read where it’s “full effect” doesn’t really get going until week four or five but given the source I think the guy was a douche.

If you wanted to run var at the end I would rethink taking tbol with it at the same time. There is nothing wrong with starting with one oral taking a break mid cycle and then finishing with another. Provided it’s within reasonable levels, the break is sufficient, dosage isn’t crazy, and since you are looking at the two known as being less toxic I think it’s ok. If you wanted anadrol and oral tren, I’d say your asking for trouble. Don’t forget liver support. I personally use TUDCA but provided you keep levels reasonable then milk thistle might be ok for tbol and var.

Another thing I noticed both of you orals are non aromatizing, and that will make AI easier to dose.
If you have run this level of test before then you know your AI dosage if you have not then I would say for me I would end up needing 0.5 mg EOD.

FYI if during PCT you act like a pregnant woman it is most likely the clomid. I can’t take it for that reason. If you decide to use Nolvadex only. Then I would wait to start it week 15 provided you are pinning test for your last time midweek on the twelth week. You are still ok to run orals up to within a couple of days of PCT.

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Now_I_Care said it all. Looks like a good cycle my man. Keep an eye on your BP while on the tbol. Some guys seem to get high BP while using it, others don’t. But otherwise you’re good. Best of luck. If you ran a log and/or a before and after that’d be cool too.