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Test E/ TBol Cycle & Log


Hey all!

Im starting my Cycle this weekend. This is my first cycle and i think it will be a good idea to report on all my gains/sideffects in a log for others who are intersted in doing the same style cycle. Ill be updating once a week, or once every 2 weeks.

Test E 1-10 500mgs/week
Tbol 1-5 40-60mgs/day (starting with 40 then making my way up to 60 if needed)
Adex 1-12 0.5 EOD (i will do Every 3rd Day for first 2 weeks)

Clomid 100/50/50/25
Nolva 20/20/20/10/10

For first month ill be eating 3500 cals/day
For second and third month ill be eating about 4000+ cals/day

21 years old
174 lbs
About me: ive been training for 2 years. when i started i was 155 approx 12%bf... after a couple of months i lost the bf to like 9-10% around 150 and since then added muscle to my frame... i reached 188 at some point but i damaged my wrists, which i cudnt train for couple of weeks and soon after i had my wisdom teeth removed which made me loose some more lbs's... i then picked up again where i left off. I just finished a 10 weeks cutting cycle eating 2000-2500 cals/day which leaves me at 174 aprox 7-8%bf...

Goal: i plan on putting on about 25-30 lbs ON cycle.. and i would like to be left with 18-25 AFTER PCT.

Reason why i chose Test E is because it is a long estered testosterone and is usually recommended for first timers. I chose Tbol because it adds quality mass with minimal bloat which is very appealing to me, and does not aromatize!

All POSITIVE and CONSTRUCTIVE comments are welcomed for me and my cycle... thx


Wow....your cycle is pretty much identical to mine. I think you will enjoy this first cycle, as I am mine so far. I am a newbie as well, but you may wanna throw hcg in there (it really has brought my boys back), and I am not sure if the Clomid is necessary. Everyone recommended the standard Nolva protocol for this cycle.

Also, have you thought about front loading?


'Quality mass'.. that is a phrase straight out of some Weider/Kennedy publication if i ever heard one!

I remember back in 98 when i first got interested in lifting to any productive degree, this was one of those terms that i would read in my Flex subscription over and over again, until it became a term i needed to read in order to feel a workout plan or supplement was of any benefit to me..

"Add quality mass to your hardgainer physique with MegaMass 2000.." etc..

Just like 'feel the burn' was the saying of 80's for the aerobic crowd, 'quality mass' was the saying of the 90's for the resistance crowd.



u did same cycle? good stuff... how much u gain?.. did u make a log for it? if so post link!
Clomid brings the boys back better than Nolva i heard.. and Clomid stimulates more LH hormone than Nolva which is better to keep gains during PCT. as for HCG, well i dont think it is necessary for a 10 week cycle.


Pictures of 7% body fat?


Pretty close. I am on week 7 and have gained about 26-27 pounds so far. The main difference between your cycle and mine, is that I frontloaded, and am using hcg.


ok all, I did my final preparations and measurements b4 cycle

stats: 173.5 lbs, 8% bf, 5'11

These are some b4 pics... Forgive me for the crappy lighting :S, it'll have to do for now lol :stuck_out_tongue:




arnold :stuck_out_tongue:


Who gave you a reading of 8%? In all honesty you aren't even close.

I think you are jumping the gun choosing to use AAS at your age and development


Looks to be between 10 and 12% IME


My College gym teacher pinched me TODAY! I have no intention of bsing. Reason why i might not look at cut is because of lighting and over the past week i intaked alot of food high in sodium, because i gave myself a break from eating lean which i did for the summer so there could be a lil excess water retention :s.




Calipers have a fairly large margin of error and are only as good as the person doing the test.

In my profile there is a pic that shows my legs. I think I am around 11% in that pic. 7-8% is very lean. Legit 8% shows striations and excellent vascularity. Not that these numbers matter. You'd be better off gaining more muscle before you cycle.


Yeah, No hope on 7% or even 10% IMO, more likely is 12%.


You even have the lighting advantage and there's no way anyone on here would think you were below 10%.

Why are you using AAS? At almost 6 foot you should be walking around at 200 without even touching a weight imo haha

Edit: Also, why Clomid? I've heard that stuff has a high rate of side effects/bad side effects.

Edit, second edition: If you injured your wrists, you might even yield more results from a run with HGH or one of its secretagogues. Any thoughts on this?


I have no doubt that you were tested, or that you tested at 7%.. but calipers (and any method of testing that does not include being immersed in water!) are notoriously difficult to do accurately - to the degree that someone can have used them over 100 times, and still find variations of 1-2% between tests taken immediately after each other.

It is recommended to test each client or athlete or student or rodent 3 times and then take the average. Even the most experienced user of calipers will not have 3 identical measurements.

Also what was the type of test? 1 point? 3 point? 5? 12? More? The more sites he pinched the more accurate the reading - with the most common being between 1 and 5 point tests.

Anyway.. on the plus side, you seem to have a good structure for bodybuilding. Big arms (compared to your torso - not compared to 'austin biceps' humongous 'guns'), slim waist, full chest, defined muscles and a naturally low body fat.

Of course at this point you are nowt but skinny and pale (;p), but if you can add decent amounts of muscle i suspect you may be able to develop a physique that many of us may well be envious of.

Of course i am totally assuming that you throw yourself into the lifestyle 110% for the next 10 years.. and of course the pictures are not such that i can actually see your build too well.. but from first glance you look to be in a better starting position than many.

I am not in the same camp as everyone else on this site when it comes down to if one should cycle at xlb bodyweight. To me that makes no sense.

If it is related to having an untrained physique.. then of course you should wait, but you clearly have been training as you have visible tone there, and AAS will give more to a trained body that a fat slob (whether they actually do or it just seems so i have no idea).

The cycle is fine as far as i can see.. Id inject 250mg of Test E 2x/wk (and not use any other AAS this time).
Arimidex will need to be at LEAST what you said, and i would dose 0.25-0.5mg ED - not sure why people are so keen to dose easily ingested orals EOD. Just take tablets daily or more.
Use Tamoxifen or Clomid for PCT.. either or is fine. The doses are fine and start that 2 weeks after the last T injection.

/thread now please? Ta!



thanks for your positive feedback JJ! ya i train really hard and i am very dedicated. alot of people compliment me on my shape, i rly do appreciate your recognition! :)...

Well i took my first injection today and it went really smooth! I took the Tbol 20mgs in the morning, and another 20mgs 8hours later.