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Test-E Takes 4 Weeks To Kick In?

I’ve been reading that Test-E takes 4 or 5 weeks before it becomes active. Firstly, is this correct? Assuming so, what physiological changes are happening in the body during those first 4 or 5 weeks? I mean, the testosterone levels in the body must be pretty high 1 or 2 days after the first injection.

Thanks guys.

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In my modest experience I think 3 weeks is the “switch” point with test E (in cycle with 500-600mg/week).

As switching point I mean the time when I see big increase in strenght and resistance. On the side of mood and “pump” I see difference about after 10days.

I noticed a difference in all things enanthate between 4-7 days after my first injection. Not a huge difference, but I definitely feel a difference. As far as the real kick though, about 2.5 weeks is typically about it for me to feel the real blast.

The start of week 2 is usually when I feel an enanthate start to work. I get a good kick in weeks 3 and 4 which I ride out until the end of the cycle. I think that when you factor in clearance times week 5 will in theory have the highest active levels of test. But like I said I feel the effects long before that.

I think you must have misread something. Through my research, I’ve read that the testosterone blood levels are at their peak at around weeks 4-6. Maybe that is what you read and made a mistake of it, either way, your assumption was incorrect. Hope that helps.


Frontloading can make the effects be felt faster. I can’t remember the table. But it showed that with frontloading (I believe they used 1 gram of Test), you can achieve peak levels around weeks 1-2. Compared with peak levels at Weeks 4-5.

I’ll try and post the table later. But I’m really not sure I can find it again.

I feel it the next day. I get slightly feverish, though not in a bad way, and my libido shoots up.

I think what people refer to is that it sometimes takes 4-5 weeks to start noticing BIG size and strength gains. But the libido and enhanced recovery come the next day for me.

I agree with the 4-6 days comments. In my case, as I’m sure most of you will agree, after that 4-6 day mark, the effects become progressively more noticeable (physiologically, not yet noticeable physically) throughout the following 2 weeks, with the “mirror changes” taking place perpetually after that.

I too agree with the 4-6 days. I will typically gain between 5-10 lbs by the end of week two.

I notice libido changes quite soon after the first injection - less than a day.

I don’t agree with front loading, as it IMO is not neccessary - i.e. you will get the same gains just as quickly without, provided you are using an ample enough dosage, and will have less sides to worry about, and minimize the increases in SHBG to being with - may make for gains extending further into the cycle.

[quote]Prisoner wrote:
I notice libido changes quite soon after the first injection - less than a day.

I remember my first HRT shot of 200mg test cyp. Originally I had no interest in sex and a less than desirable erection. By the end of the second day I started having sex three times per day and had rock hard erections. Even now if I up my dose and do a cycle I can notice changes by the second or third day with regards to mood and libido. As far as muscle gains go I think the elevated T mediates changes that take some time to become apparent, on par with a week or two.