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Test E/Sust 250 Cycle Advise?

Stats: 24 years old;
training seriously since 2006;
About 9-10% body fat/good genetics
200 lbs

This will be my second cycle. I’m wanting to run just Test-E for 12 weeks @250mg ew paired with Sustanon 250 for 12 weeks @250mg ew. So the cycle will look as follows:

1-12 testosterone enanthate 250mg
1-12 sustanon 250mg

14-17 nolvadex (40/40/20/20)

Anyone thoughts for best results? i.e maybe doing the sust for the first 4 weeks and then the the test e for 8 week following etc, 500mg/per week a good amount?
Thanks in advise for any help

no point in doing both they are just different esters of test. pick one or the other IMO for simplicity reasons

Thanks for reply. So would you suggest doing one first until it runs out and finishing with the other? sust has the long half life so test e would be better to finish with for better PCT?

well how much of each do you have? You would probably need 2-3 vials of either for a decent cycle

Sus is a blend of different esters, short and long acting test, and it needs to be pinned EOD AT LEAST bc of the short half life of some of the esters, what is your previous cycle experience? 250mg wk is worthless imo 500mg test E for 12 wks, pin 250mg 2x/wk and add in an oral for the first 4-6wks, don’t rush a cycle get everything you need or don’t do it

jimbopv123 1x10ml sust 250 and 2 x10ml test enth

pure_country this was the cycle i planned

1-5 sust 250 500mg/week divided into 3 pins
6-10 test ent 500mg/week divided into 2 pin

what do you think? thanks

If it were me I’d start the test E around wk2 or from the beginning—test enanthate is a long ester taking around 3-4wks to really build up to a level of worth IMO…so if you start it after your sus you will in my opinion be starting back over again, I’d start all of it together and let the sustanon serve as a kick start or front load until your test e kicks in, just my two cents bro,

another thing, without food you will not grow no matter what you take, AAS increase protein synthesis so unless you’re cramming enough protein and calories down they aren’t going to do their job of repair and recovery!! So fucking eat my man and growwwwww!

just get the test E. Don’t bother with the sust