Test E Short Cycle Advice?

Hi I’m looking to test the water with test e.
I have this cycle planned out. I’m looking for some advice if I need to change anything on my cycle. This is how it is looking so far if any 1 thinks I need to change anything it would be much appreciated
Test e


1 test e 200x2

2 test e 200x2

3 test e 200x2

4 test e 200x2 Aromasin 12.5mg

5 test e 200x2 Aromasin 12.5mg

6 test e 200x2 Aromasin 12.5mg

7 test e 200x2. Aromasin 12.5mg

8 clomid/ Nolvadex 100mg/ 40mg

9 clomid/ Nolvadex 100mg/ 20mg

10 clomid/ Nolvadex 50mg/ 20mg

11 clomid/ Nolvadex 50mg/ 20mg

7 weeks is a super arbitrary number

I no. I wanted to do a 14 week cycle but I go away on the 7th week for 2weeks.
Would I be able to miss 2 weeks?
Then pin before I go and pin as soon as I’m bk?

Whole layout is no bueno. Wait to run it when you can put in a proper 10 weeks. Hold the AI until you need it if at all. Pause two-thee weeks between your last injection and starting PCT. Pick clomid or nolva as PCT and run one only. Those are the points to consider.


Everything about this idea is bad.

Thanks for that. I got told take clomid and Nolvadex.
Will just 1 be ok?
Also. Do you know if I’ll be ok to take some stuff in suite case to Thailand or could I get some stuff over there?
I’ll be training when I’m away


Cheers mate. So my cycle now looks like this?
Test e


1 test e 200x2

2 test e 200x2 Aromasin 12.5mg

3 test e 200x2 (If needed)

4 test e 200x2

5 test e 200x2

6 test e 200x2

7 test e 200x2

8 test e 200x2

9 test e 200x2

10 test e 200x2

11 (break from everything)

12 (break from everything)

13 Nolvadex 50mg/ 20mg

14 Nolvadex 50mg/ 20mg

15 Nolvadex 100mg/ 40mg

16 Nolvadex 100mg/ 40mg

First two weeks Nolva should be the higher dose and last two weeks the lower dose. I personally would never take a controlled substance to a foreign country regardless of their laws. Good luck sir.

Thanks I’ll sort something over there.
So I only take ai if I get reaction from the test?
And just take 1 of the pct that i stated?

Take tamoxifen 40mg/day for the first 2 weeks, then 20mg/day for the remainder

Thanks again for all the advice. 1 more question. The syringe I have is in ml. How much would 200mg of test be in ml?

It depends on how concentrated your test is, check your vial for the mg/ml. That’s a scary question though for somebody about to head down this path.

250mg/ ml

On the bottle

200/250 = .8 ml