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Test E Question

Im about to run a 12 week cycle of test e. I had terrible hair loss from winstrol my last cycle so i was planning on stacking proscar with the Test E.

Does anyone have any comments or results they have recieved from combining the two? Im curious if it will affect gains and size, and if the test e will over power the libido loss causes by proscar.

Im wondering if i should even take the proscar because i am about to start using regrowth shampoo, spiro, and minox/retin/Azl. I just am not aware of the severity of hair loss with Test E.

anyone, please?

Libido effects are way over blown with finasteride. Even worse than oral 17AA’s and your liver. Having said that, if you experienced hair-loss on Winny then yes, probably can expect potential issues with Test E. Adding proviron to your Test will boost libido but again, the myth that proscar, procepia et al have a severely negative impact on libido is totally over blown.

Take the proscar and add some Proviron, even for guys like me who have no hair loss issues Proviron and Test is like peanut butter and jelly.