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Test-E, Primo, Winny Question

I am already on a great cycle that P22 and World helped me with. Thanks again to both … feelin and lookin very good.

My question is for a friend.

He has Test E, Primo, and oral winny.

He has a boatload of all 3 compounds (plus PCT/SERM but that is not part of the question) but does not want to order anything else at the moment. So this is what I have to work with on helpin him.

He is torn between a shorter 8 week cycle or longer 12 week one.

After some research and some suggestions from others this is what I came up with.

My suggestion for the 8 weeks was this:

Week 1-8 Test E - 600 - 800mg (week) E3D
Week 1-8 Primo - 400mg (week) E3D
Week 4-8 Oral Winny 50 mg ED

And For 12 weeks:

Week 1-12 Test E - 500mg (week) E3D
Week 1-12 Primo - 400mg (week) E3D
Week 8-12 Winny 50mg ED
Again Statis/Taper

What do you think? Any suggestions? Changes?

His source tells him his Test-E has longer esters and I am tellin him to pin to often … says once a week will do. I don’t doubt his source, just suggesting what I have read about Test-E.

He really wants to run Winny start to finish but I don’t think it is a good idea. Thoughts?

His stats are: 29, 5’11 … 210 … Several cycles under his belt over the years.

Any help is much appreciated.


I vote for the 8 week higer dose option.

I definately agree that he should use the test E at a minimun of 2x/wk or E3D.

[quote]LillGuy001 wrote:
I vote for the 8 week higer dose option.

I definately agree that he should use the test E at a minimun of 2x/wk or E3D.[/quote]

Thanks for the reply LG. Glad you agree with me on the E3D issue.

Any thoughts on Winny for only 4 weeks or his wanting to take it throughout ??

Anyone else wanna chime in … ?

Im personally going to use it for 7-8 weeks rather shorly here. But only at 25mg/day.

In his case with the longer esters used for a short time it would be best used in the last weeks at 50mg day for its effects on sbhg

ill chime in to second the test e e3d, once per week is a bag of horse crap.

Testanabol … thanks for the reply … along with you and LG … I received some PM’s also backing up what I said.

LG … also … thanks for your insight on the Winny question. Again … also backs up what I said and if I am able to show my friend that knowledgeable people are saying the same thing … I think he will be more apt to follow.

On a side note … I am very disappointed more members didn’t give their opinions here. I read waaaay more often than I post. But what I have always thought was, “put a good, detailed, thoughtful post together and people will help you.” I thought that is what I did here but only two members helped me out here (not counting those who pm’d ). On other boards I frequent, there seem to be more like minded people willing to help out a respectful board member.

I am not angry in any sense. I have always enjoyed T-Nation so this is just a disappointing and perplexing thought.