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Test E/Primo cycle

[quote]boatguy wrote:

He’s not ridiculing your choice of physique goals, go for what you want
His point is that you don’t need AAS to look like that.[/quote]
Okay… I understand… But ive mad up my mind… I cannot do this with thme i hve right now,


your new cycle is fine although your SERM dose in your PCT is too high. Just run 4 weeks of clomid at 50mg a day.

You’ll be looking average in no time.

[quote]Yogi wrote:

You’ll be looking average in no time.[/quote]

LOL. This is silly

good idea dropping Primo, if cannot afford for more Primo, 100mg or even 200mg/ week does nothing for man. But you want to look like CR and CR looks like a girl, so… 200mg/ week on girls will work fine (just kidding)…
Your change is correct, use 500mg test, considering it is your first cycle. 500mg test can make you look more muscular than CR, that’s for sure. For that body, you dont need steroids, I remember looking much better than CR without steroids. i’ll not judge your goal but I’ll judge your choice, you are about use steroids and still dont look like CR. You should train and diet a little more before doing steroids.

About Adex, don’t drop it wiht the last shot, you need to continue, remember you are using test E and you’ll have strogen trying to fuck you up right after the last shot, so… and just a tip, I do respect your goal, but, you need to aim on someone with better body than CR, to look like him on final objective!

I don’t think OP is after CR’s body. I think he rather has an obsession with who Ronaldo is.

OP, getting CR’s body will not make you CR. Pussy will no flock to you out of nowhere.