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Test E - Primo Cycle.

Hey T-Nation, im looking for input on ny planned cycle. First of apologies for ny shity english I’m Danish.
Ive bern Reading the stickys and Think i have some what of a good idea how ti set up a cycle like this wich will be my first.
Im 25 summers, 6.3ft at 227lbs and about 15ish percent ive been bustin the iron for 1.5 years, the past year ive been doing CT’s MFP concept on basic’s going heavy and explosive, adding in some more regular bb’ing on isoexercises, also useing carb cycling and galning at about 1lbs a week.
Last weekend i was at my First bb’ing show (national champ contest) it rocked my World and i decided right there i Wanted to go om stage someday, so my plan is to try and reach my goal in 2 years, in addition to my height wich of course is no advantage I’m planning on doing Classic bodybuilding where they kinda eliminate the disadvantage of being “heavy” so my max weight in at contest is at about 225 (lower for aborter guys).
So i hope that Who ever reads this Can see im serious about this and Will reply in that manor.
In advance, thank you.

(tyeping from i-phone so bare with mé if the layout etc is shit)

Test-e frontloaded 1-2 500mg x2
Primo frontloaded 1-2 400mg x2

Test 2-12 500mg
Primo 2-12 400mg
A-dex 1-12 0,25mg ed 12-14 0,25mg eod.
Nolva 14 40mg ed 15-16 20mg ed
HCG 12-14 5000ui e5d x2 then 2500ui e5d x2.

So guys, how does it look? I know the general opinion om primo is not All positive and People’s suggest Mast instead but besides that.
I Cant seem to find out what ratio i should run the test/primo in so the dosage is based om my own thoughts.
How does timeing on pct etc look?
Generally any input positive ie negative is welcome.

your hcg needs to re-evaluated. 200-250iu 2-3x a week is plenty. Also, I suggest running it on cycle. nolva needs to be run for 4 weeks. 40/40/20/20

Unless you have schering primo, run it at 600mg-800mg. Would run the test for for 14 weeks, so your able to run the primo for 14 weeks so that you can fully experince the drug. Would run aromasin throughout to keep the test bloat down

The nolva is of course run for 4 weeks my bad.
What would the benefits of running hcg om cycle be? Easier recovery?
And primo dose is raised to 600mg

This raise another question for mé, i cant seem to find any Info ón what ratio the test/primo should be?

I need help for Primobolan Depot Cycle…

Hi Everyone,

This is Sam from Turkey.
I would like to do primobolan Depot cycle.I have on my hand;

12 Weeks Cycle

1.primobolan Depot 24 vi amp.
2.Anapolon 1 box 50 mg 20 tb.
3.Ventolin 2 box 2 mg 100 tb
4.Proviron 2 box 25 mg 20 tb
5.Nolvadex 2 box 20 mg 30 tb.
6.Pregnyl 5000 iu 2 box 3 amp.

My question is; How do I make it up Cycle for those.

Could you help me to build it primobolan Cycle pleas?