Test E, Primo, Anavar and HGH

My first post. I have done numerous cycles in the past including both tren a and e. With all this crap going on I was trying to loose some body fat and keeping my gains without going the tren route being all the gyms are closed. I have a really good gym set up at home but can only really do high reps 18, 16, 14, 12 and 10 for each set and cardio.

My last cycle was
Test E @ 400 mg week --16 weeks
Tren E @ 800 mg week–14 weeks
EQ @ 800 mg week-- 14 weeks
HGH 4iu 5 days on 2 off 16 weeks
Arimidex eod
Normal PCT after week 18
Had super awesome results from it

My Stats
264lbs as of today
Around 19% body fat
My diet will be super clean through out.
6 am Breakfast 6 hard boiled eggs
1 yogurt 51g protein 10g carbs
9:30am and 4:30pm 6oz chicken 1/2 cup rice 125grams - 22.5 carbs - 52grams protein Greek yogurt for fat
1pm and 8pm protein shake 50g protein, 2 tablespoons or natural peanut butter, 1 cup blueberries 2 tablespoons of Greek Yogurt 20gram of carbs

L-caratine 1000 mgs every whole food meal
1 digestive enzyme every whole food meal
AST multivitamin 2 times a day
Fibermode before bed

The cycle I am thinking of
Week 1-16 400mg Test E
Week 1-16 600mg primo
Week 1-16 2iu morning 2iu night hgh 5days on 2 off
Week 8-16 60mg anavar ed
Week 1-16 20mcg of T3 for HGH ed
Week 1-16 clen 60mcg per day
Nolva 20mg ed
HCG 250iu 2 times a week

Or should I just go
Test P 75mg ed
Tren a at 75mg ed
Mast p 50mg everyday instead of Primo?

I’ve never done Primo before and with it being so mild and with the gyms closed I thought it would be a good time to try it

Thoughts and suggestions?

Jesus Christ… You’re massive… at 45… What’s the incentive to stay so large? Do you compete? At that size you probably could

How many cycles have you had to run to attain this sheer level of mass?

Running tren past the age of 40… Or generally compounds that trash lipids is ill advised. As are high doses. The older you are, the more prone you are to cardiac enlargement/plaque build up and arrythmia

I’ve actually cycled tons of times since age of 30 from Sust/deca, tren/test/eq tren/Test/mast. The whole being older now and trying to drop weight is why I am thinking of trying Primo instead of tren. I have never done primo and trying to learn more about it from people who have used it. I’m trying to drop below 250 at 15% while all this is going on. Btw I have never competed and does not interest me one bit.

Why not? At you’re sheer level of size (and based upon you’re Avatar) i’d hypothesise you’d do pretty well

Primo is milder than tren… But when used in conjunction with clen (cardiac enlargement… AAS also do this over many years) and T3 (arrythmia risk) I’m not sure if it’s any better than tren in terms of cardiac health. Might be though.

Keep an eye on lipids whilst on primo. It isn’t as harsh as tren, but anavar certainly destroys cholesterol (HDL depletion, skyrockets LDL for most). Certain supplements can help mitigate lipid strain, regardless there’s a good chance you’ll have trashed lipids. Red yeast rice contains monacolin K, but statins + orals is a bad idea.

Primo is commonly faked, make sure you trust you’re source, get it tested if skeptical. From what I’ve heard primo can be faked with mast, low dosed test or EQ

If I was in you’re shoes I’d go for cardiac imaging to rule out the possibility of cardiomyopathy (possible after 15 years of heavy use). It’s not guaranteed, but I’d argue some form of cardiac damage is likely present after 15 years on (unless you only cycle like once ever 1-2 years or keep the dosages low… Like sub 400-500mg/wk.)

Regardless, you’re sheer size is seriously impressive!

That was an awesome response!
Ok why I don’t compete: I tried it once and with the up n down diet and the time I had to be at the gym, it became a second job. I started hating going to the gym! For what? A little trophy or a sword? Nah sorry it’s not for me. If I had a payday insight like when I was playing college football n the NFL was next then to me dedicating my life like that is worth it. But my luck I torn my mcl, pcl, acl and have 14 screws in my Tibia.
I just had my heart done last year and haven’t done any tren since. Just Sust and Deca. I also always run Caber with my cycles which I forgot to add.
I want to stay away not being this age from tren so that’s why I am pretty sure I’m going the primo route. Me at 245lbs is ideal. I was 318 last year @ 20-25% bf and it was getting to much to be that big.

Btw my avatar was taken just last week right before my gym closed

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By done are you referring to a heart attack? Or did you get imaging? What were the results? Did you come back alright or was significant enlargement or diastolic/systolic dysfunction present (the two typically go hand in hand)

Holy shit… You would’ve been an incredibly intimidating bouncer had you worked as one.

Jesus chriiiiissst… 318lbs at 20%, you’re talking Mr Olympia level size. If you don’t mind me asking, what’s the heaviest amount of gear (and PED’s in general) you’ve ever ran within one cycle.

THREE HUNDRED AND EIGHTEEN POUNDS!!! I’m flabbergasted, that’s seriously impressive

You were in the NFL?

As to the injuries… That’s unfortunate. I extend my sympathies, chronic pain stemming from injuries/whatever can be an absolute bitch to deal with.

All the test they did on my heart were all good. I don’t remember what tests were done. I do know they used that ultra sound thing and all looked good.
Even on tren my bloods come back good. Little bit high blood pressure and high protein levels but other then that good. Oh and I was on 75mg eod of tren a when I had my bloodwork done last time.
I never made it to the NFL. I was a Junior at PITT when I got injured.
My largest cycle hum?
1500mg week sust, 800 eq, week, 300mg tri tren eod, 8ius HGH for 18 weeks. I did that one 2 times. I seem to get the best results from Test E @ 400 mg week --16 weeks, Tren E @ 800 mg week–14 weeks, EQ @ 800 mg week-- 14 weeks and HGH 4iu 5 days on 2 off 16 weeks

Well… Sir… You are clearly immortal (kidding). But seriously, I don’t think many could handle such dosages. Do you not develop polycythemia (or do you opt for phlebotomy/donate)

How’s you’re lifestyle otherwise. Diet (do you eat a lot of junk food)? Do you drink/smoke or anything alongside those lines? Cardio/aerobic exercise?

I can’t believe you’re lipids we’re good on 800mg tren. Did they test lipids? You very well may have some fantastic genetics. Iron Yuppie (member on here) is the same… Can use anavar with minimal lipid strain

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My diet is very constant. I’m not food driven.
I put my daily diet up top. Just add a full cup of rice per meal instead of the 3/4 cup. I do have a cheat meal like pizza once a week. If I do snack it’s usually pretzels but that is not often. Even if my girlfriend and I go out we both eat clean. The funny thing is my girlfriend does compete in physic and bikini. I don’t smoke or do drugs. I will drink every once in a while. It usually vodka, water n lime or a light beer. I also get all my fats from Greek yogurt, avacado, peanut butter.

Alcohol is drugs btw, as is smoking (nicotine), very little difference aside from the inherent societal normalisation/acceptance of both activities.

However it appears you only drink rarely, and you stated “a light beer”. One drink every now and then probably won’t induce any serious damage… Just don’t drink on orals… Or tren… As a matter of fact entirely abstaining from booze is preferable on cycle. Acutely ethanol is magnitudes more toxic than anabolic steroids ever could be (aside from perhaps methyltrenbolone/dimethyltrenbolone or miblerone). However sometimes when out with a few friends the beers magically appear… I understand, so long as you aren’t on orals (if you are and an occasion pops up wherein you know there will be drinks, either go with an incredible amount of willpower or call it off)

Appears you’ve got you’re diet under control. I’m more of a fried chicken man than a pizza man regarding my preferred source of unhealthy food. As to cardio, do you regularly employ aerobic exercise within you’re routine?

On a side note… Are avocados not the best?

Only advice I can give here is, if you aren’t fond of cardio and thus don’t employ aerobic exercise within you’re routine… I’d suggest adding cardio. Just 30-60min of LISS 3x/wk or so can make a huge difference.

Funny you say the nasty word cardio lol. Since all the gyms closed I have actually started doing cardio. Finally using my Yeti mountain bike after years of not riding it. I’ve been doing 1hr 3x a week.

Also I do like avocados but peanut butter is my love lol.
I’m gonna start the primo cycle in 2 weeks and I’ll let you know how it goes.


Listening to music always makes cardio more enjoyable for me.

Spotify, YouTube music etc.

Probably not the best idea to listen to music whilst riding a bike out on a road/on trails populated by other people… Could always just put one earphone in.

I would run the Primo higher if you can afford it, given your past cycle history you might not notice much with 600mg. I’m running it myself at 1g next time I cycle, absolutely love Primo. It’s a mild Tren without the side effects.

T3 and Clen at those dosages for 16 weeks is overkill. You said yourself you don’t compete, why do that to your body unless you’re trying to get shredded for a show. If you really want to use T3/Clen use it at the end for 4-6 weeks when diet and cardio alone stop working to get the last bit of fat off.

Good luck, curious how this goes for you.

Someone else said to run primo between 800 and 1k so I’ll split the difference and go 900mg primo. I was also told to run the test lower at 250mg a week does that make sense? I only run the T3 cause everything with HGH says to run 20 everyday with HGH? I’m just cutting out clen all together.

Great idea. I love lower test and high primo because you stay dry and don’t have to bother with estrogen management. Last cycle I did was 20 weeks 150mg Test / 600mg Primo and had great results.

Glad to hear you decided against the Clen. Im going to avoid giving my opinion on T3/HGH because I haven’t used either and would just be telling you what I read/heard, I’ll let others with experience chime in.

I seem to get pretty good cardio doing my non powerlifting lifts with short rest periods. I also feel accomplished after doing so much volume. I think this is a pretty good way to get some fat reduction, while not losing muscle.