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Test E Powder Got Wet. Junk It?

I’m hoping this is the right spot to post this. My homebrew powder is wet and turnt yellow. Does this mean its garbage? The bag was airtight and in another bag then in a zip lock container so im pretty pissed it still got ruined but I did let it sit a little to long.

What got on it? Just water?

Ya 100% just moisture related. I had it double bagged and stored in a Rubbermaid but the room it was in wasn’t ideal.

I just ran a small amount through the toaster oven on “dehumidif” and it went liquid like it should

If it just got damp from water in the air then you should be able to dry it out easily. Evaporation will happen eventually, so leave it at room temperature for a day and it should be fine. But I would compound it sooner rather than later. There’s no telling how much time you’ve got left with it once you’re introducing it to water and then a lot of air. You’ve probably cut the shelf life of it way down, but that won’t make a difference if you brew it soon.

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Even with it getting wet, just make sure you get your brew over 212f and hold it there for long enough to let out any moisture. If there is any residual moisture then the brew will be milky or cloudy. As a rule of thumb I always brew to 250f no matter what (sometimes hotter) and keep it there for about 20-30 minutes. That makes sure anything living is killed and allowed moisture to boil away.

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I’m going to finish the batch up for sure right away. I purchased a bit to much powder then i needed on accident. It’s a pretty big amount to waste for sure

I’m a little worried about getting accurate weights being moist. May be a little heavier. But at 150 degrees it hit isn’t melting point on the dehydrate setting and looked fine. So this weekend will be the moment of truth I suppose.

I will for sure. My biggest concern is being accurate. Hence why I got into brewing. So weight wise I wanted to get it back to a powder. Im sure thats alot more difficult then just brewing it all at once though

Just brew it up. Make sure you adequately heat the solution, a little beyond what you may normally, and maybe opt for the higher end of tolerable BA. On the accuracy end of things, yeah its desirable to be exact, but a few mgs here or there literally makes no difference. I wouldn’t stress much over it.

So I guess I could go abouts weighing the test two ways.

Either I could tar the baking sheet out of the equation and put the wet powder on that(or leave it all in the bag and tar that out) or i could melt it into a oil and weigh the pure oil before adding it to the rest i suppose.

Would there be a more preferable method?

Would you Tritrate sarm powders/orals with anything like bcaa/pre/ creatine/ anything else off the shelve in powder at Popeyes with similar properties or anything else we take on a regular bases?

If you’re making oral liquid solutions then you could do that. Creatine would be very low on the list since I’ve never seen a creatine that mixes easily. There’s always residue. BCAAs would be fine because they’ll dissolve easily.

If it’s powder going into a capsule…you’re never getting that measurement right, so don’t make it even more complicated.

Ya it will be liquid. I was considering using the method to dilute a container of bcaa with my doses of cardarine s4 and mk2866 for one intake a day per scoop. And cap the rest of my powders for the other intakes of said doses. That way I can keep my bcaa in my bag and not worry about anything or who sees what and the rest in my mirror at home.

Unless you have a V-shaped blender then you’re not going to get accurate mixing. If you don’t mortar down all ingredients to match one another, you’re not going to get accurate mixing. Usually you have to grind the filler and the API to the same general size, but now you’re adding three APIs along with a powder that’s designed to dissolve and break down more easily. You can do it, but just understand that you will have no idea what dose you’re actually taking at any given time.


If this is just test enanthate, then just put it in a beaker by itself and heat until you see it become a clear oily substance. You could still heat it to close to waters boiling temp to make all the moisture escape. Then let it cool and weigh the beaker with the oily test enanthate in it, subtract beaker’s empty weight and thus you have weight of the test enanthate.

You won’t damage the test enanthate heating that high. And remember steam starts coming off of a water pot before it hits 212 so moisture will come out of that oily test enanthate the same way, you will need to slowly stir it though.

Also just like a brew I would assume as long as it is a clear oily substance then no moisture or very very little is in it.

And letting the test enanthate go into an oily state on its own outside of a brew won’t hurt it. I had a bag of raw I left in an un air-conditioned apartment during the summer in arizona…it definitely turned into an oily substance and it was still good to go once I brewed it.

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So I ordered a larger vial to store up to a litre of oil at once. (Won’t have that much when all is done I don’t think. Just for the same of storage in an oil state)

There is no BA to be purchased anywhere. I assume pandemic related issue. I have BB on hand but ran out of BA and it completely escaped my memory until this week. Can’t find any online.

If I get the moisture out of it, seal it up as 100% test as a oil will it stay suspended as test or will it crash in some way? I always thought BA or BB played a roll in its ability to stay in the Grapeseed oil without having issues (minus moisture at this time for me which ill get out)

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There are a number of thoughts about what it takes for any given hormone to stay melted into the oil carrier. I have a line with an old school supplier level brewer and he swears any hormone will stay suspended WITHOUT the need for solvents if you hear it high enough and for long enough. The problem being there is no official chart that says X temp for Y hours for Z compound.

With you situation being test enanthate, really even if you did the worst job ever brewing it, it should stay suspended (really melted because suspended is actually a term for a hormone in water but we still use it in common language for oily stuff too). Now the issue of not having BA is a concern. We usually say BA is for sterility but it also and almost more significantly is used for preservation.

So right now if I understand you, you are wanting to basically brew the batch but without BA and then let it sit in the glass container for a while. If you are not having to brew some for immediate use, why not just stick the stuff in the freezer as is, or do the heating of just the hormone to expel the moisture then store in the glass container? I don’t necessarily think you will damage it if you do a brew type thing but without the BA then store it but then again that BA is vital for preservation. I don’t know how accurate they are but there are always expiration dates on the bottles of oil carrier I purchase. That oil can and will break down, the BA is what keeps living things from getting on there and basically eating the oil.

One last thing to think about is if you brew the batch without BA, when you do get your BA you will basically have to re brew it. It’s not hard, just add in the BA then re heat while stiring then filter after it cools.

If I understand everything correctly then my vote is you get the moisture out of it then store it until BA arrives. Provided it is a few more months before the BA arrives.

I am not sure where you are located but I just checked and that med lab supply website has BA in stock right now. Maybe you just need to search around a little more because BA is not used for cleaning type disinfection stuff so the pandemic should not have led to a run on it.

BA keeps bacteria from growing. Unless you’re storing it a short time you need it. The alternative is store it as-is and when BA comes in you mix it and refilter it again.

Fwiw med lab supply has BA in stock right now in various sizes. I’ve used them a few times for various supplies as well as my insulin syringes. They’re a good company, based out of Florida, and aside from shipping being overpriced I have had good experiences with them. They’re not Amazon, but then again who is?


Ya im basically hoping to just not waste the product so if its suspended in oils or the moisture removed and frozen I’m ok either way. I have 7 bottles brewed right now and littterly have no need for the extras to be brewed.

That all being said. I messed up above. Its BB I need. I have a fair bit of BA. I got all backwards typing that.

With all that being said. Could I brew with BA and no BB ? What ratio would I use of that to keep it safe if I can.

Or should I just freeze the powder (currently air drying mush. Its not improving much now a few days out so I think its as good as it gets. I cant seem to not get it to turn to an oil when I try to dehumidify it. I keep hitting the melting point in that toaster oven attempted it.