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Test E/P Cycle Advice


Before anyone asks I’m 28, 5’9" 200lbs @ roughly 12% Getting ready to run my second cycle. I’ve been seriously lifting for the last 6 years and on off two years prior to that.

I did my frist cycle in February. I did Test E@600mg/wk for 15 weeks. I got great results from this. I started at around 220 probably 20+% bf. Cut down to 185 and gained back 25lbs ending my cycle at 210lbs 15%. My diet was pretty decent prior but once I got on I cleaned it up and started tracking my macros and eating clean. Ive been cutting fat and trying to maintain since.

I’ve done a lot of reading about front loading and or using test P with Test E to get my blood levels up right away. Or I was considering using P to shorten my pct window and run it at the end of my cycle. I am planning on 10-15 week cycle. Using prop at either the beginning or end. I already have AI and PCT on hand and I picked up two vials of E a vial of p vial of tren, but I’ve decided not to run the tren. It was dumb to buy, I’m not nearly experienced enough and I dont want to get greedy.

So what looks better to you? Or is it really 6 eggs to one half dozen to another?

1-10 test E @ 500/wk
11-13 test p @100 eod
14-18 PCT

1-3 Test P @100 eod
1-10 test E @500/wk
14-18 PCT


Its a good idea to do test p only for last three weeks so keep that in. If you have enough you can do both, test P first two weeks then last 3-4 weeks(exclusively).


I only picked up one vial of P but I may pick up another before blastoff. Thanks for the input.


It’s not necessary for the beginning if you don’t want it’s no biggie.


Is my dosing info correct for the P in the last 3 weeks? Or would I minipulate that at all becuase of the E already in my system?


I wouldnt change much, the difference is small (levels wise) and your ending anyway. Lets say you do two shots a week I would just do my last E shot then 3.5 days later take 1cc test P and keep going 1CC every other day of test P.


That makes sense! Thankyou!