Test E/P/C & Tren E Cycle, Critique?

Hi guys,

This is my third cycle. I got waaay too carried away with bulking and now need to shed this fat!

Currently running a test only cycle. First 5 weeks on 400mg cyp per week, then another 5 spent on test blend e/p/c 800mg per week. Just got given a bottle of tren e, and now thinking about making the most of my gear and running another 12 weeks on a cut.

So, I’d be still using my test blend e/p/c 400mg and adding tren e 200mg.

Doses are 0.8 tren mixed with 0.2 test, x2 a week. So, 160mg test and 320mg tren per week.

Does this sound bad? First time using tren btw…

Ya bro this isnt how this is supposed to work.

Using tren for the sole purpose of cutting in my opinion is completely retarded. Do you know why tren was originally made? Do you know what it does to live stock? Are you aware of the potential side effects?

Why would you use something that strong and put that type of strain on your body to try and shed some extra fat?

You just need to get yourself together in the kitchen and gym and the fat will come off. If your looking for drugs to help there is less harsh steroids that will accomplish aiding in fat loss just as well as tren without all the possible negatives.

I repeat tren is not a fat loss drug yes it can be used to help lose fat but it’s main benefits is building and new physique. The problem is if your too much overweight all the tren in the world isn’t gonna give you the results you have in mind.

Look into maybe running dual DHTs with some testosterone in a heavy caloric deficit that’s my best advice for a “cutting cycle”

I didn’t even touch on how I think going straight from a massive bulk to a hard cut is a horrible idea that shit alone will cause all kinds of stress on your body. I suggest you take a few months and run a test only slight caloric deficit let your body acclimate to the new size then look into the dual dhts suggestion I gave above

Doesn’t tren obstruct the cortisol receptors, drastically reducing any catabolic state occuring when in a serious deficit? Thereby preserving alot, if not all, of the muscle gained during the bulk?

Also wouldn’t it aid my strength levels to maintain, if not drastically increase even while cutting?

Or am I wrong?

Going from a bulk to a cut instantly only spins wheels for a week or two, then the loss of weight begins.

It lowers cortisol yes, it is also amazing at nutrion partitioning and highly androgenic which helps greatly in blocking new fat storage.

This doesn’t change my answer tho.

I feel like you just completely ignored everything I said.

Again did you actually read what I said?

Its not about wether you can go from a bulk to a cut its is it a good idea.

You just put on a bunch of new muscle your body has never had before and now you want to starve it? And you want to use drugs to try and preserve the muscle while you starve it?

Im not going to repeat myself again so take it what it’s worth.

Don’t go from a massive bulk to a hard cut back to back. Don’t use tren for the sole purpose of cutting.

Best of luck

Apologies for sounding ignorant, I’m just trying to learn.

Whats the difference between starving new vs old tissue?

It’s cool I’m doing my best to give you what I think is the safest most effective advice ot just seemed it was ignored and you continued to give me reasons as to why your going to do what you want regardless.

Its not so much the muscle itself that takes the biggest impact altho it does somewhat. New muscle is exactly that newly formed tissue it’s best to let any new tissue thrive before starving it in my opinion this will make the gains much more keepable long term.

The big thing is when you add muscle and weight your entire body is making adjustments. Your bones, ligaments, tendons, cardiovascular system everything. You need to give time to let your body acclimate especially the ligaments and tendons they don’t strengthen at the same rate as the new muscle that was formed slamming them with a huge payload only to drop into a major deficit while using drugs like tren and still training hard is a damn good way to injure yourself.

Thats why i suggest taking a few months with just some testosterone letting the rest of your body catch up to your new weight. Then if you want to run a hard cut I suggest dual dhts you could use masteron and anavar these two in combination will acompish everything tren will when used strictly for a cut without the taxing tren will put on you. Save tren for a recomp or a lean bulk something the drug really shines at not for cutting.

A lot of experienced folks will tell you to not even use drugs for just cutting especially for someone who needs to drop major weight. Usually “cutting” steroids are used in cycle to shave off a few remaining pounds of fat before a show or to get sub 8% bodyfat not because you need to drop your dirty bulk weight of 25lbs or whatever.

And really this is true. Altho iv learned people want a fast way to every solution its the American way so instead of giving you that speach I’m going with a safer less side effect alternative then running tren on the heals of a dirty bulk.