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Test E/OT/Masteron/Tren Critique

I secured my “equipment” today (both gear + pct) for my summer cycle and after a week or two of playing around with dosing schedule I came up with this:

1-10 Test E 500mg/wk
3-10 Masteron 100mg EOD
4-8 Tren Ace 100mg EOD
4-8 OT 60mg ED

Any feedback or suggestions welcome, and appreciated.


Looks pretty good to me.

might want to front load test. week 1: 1000 mg, week 2: 750 then on week 3 stay at 500. Is this your first time using tren? if so i would run it at 75 mg EOD at least to start with to assess tolerance.

how about PCT or armidex on cycle? just wondering as you might want to consider it just as a precaution.

I have letro in case gyno rears its ugly breast, and tamox/clomid on hand for PCT, but it has been my experience that while using masteron while on usually keeps my sides pretty mild, and my gains dry. It will be my first time using Tren, and I am extremely excited to experiment with this compound.

I think your suggestion on running 75mg EOD at first makes alot of sense, and I will definately try that for the first 2 weeks. Thanks for the feedback.


EDIT: As for the frontloading, I would do it, but I only like doing it with prop, and then switching to a longer ester compound.

looks good to me, no need to frontload the test E IMO, and the masterone use will more than likely nullify the need for an AI.

Anyone see a reason to run the masteron at the start of week 1? One of my buddies said i should, but the enan shouldnt be active for at LEAST 3-4 weeks, so taking the masteron then would be a waste, right? Anone have any experience with this?