Test E/Oral Primo. How's This Blast?

750mg test E for 12 weeks
And either 100mg or 150mg oral Primo for 6 weeks?

Max I’ve done is 500/100.

Craziest was 500mg, and like 75mg epi, 100mg tbol PH (liver toxic).

My cruise is 500mg so I’m basically just adding 250mg test and 100-150mg primo.

Looking to get sub-10, hopefully 8-9%. At 12 now. Cycling on albuterol and something else banned in PWOs but found in green tea.

You cruise at 500mg???

Yeah. I get brain fog at lower doses.



Naw. I think it might be ADHD but there are no drugs here in Japan to treat it as we’re a decade or two behind drug trials and approvals with the FDA (it wasn’t but 2 years ago when methyltestosterone was used to treat hypogonadism and a couple years before that, Halodrol… they just pulled 100mg Primo deconate as it was shown ineffective to treat osteoporosis, but 5mg oral tabs still here).

If test e at 500mg makes it go away, and I’m overseen by a doc with full regular workups, why not? There are a lot of people that have cruised on 400mg for decades (* citation required: Dr. Tony Huge video), and I’ve been on 500mg for 2ish years now, so what’s the harm?

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There are people who used more than that for decades, but it does not make it safe for everyone. I know several individuals who cruise at 500 mg. Nothing bad has happened.

Personally this is a risk I would not take as some things with AAS seem fine until they are not.

It’s a risk at 31 that my family and I are willing to take because nothing else alleviated the brain fog and everything else associated with low T (SSRIs, benzodiazepines, etc.).

It was a near decade trial and error of doctors saying, “Let’s try this.”

It wasn’t until I saw T at 290 in 2012 that I questioned it, but it wasn’t “low” by Japanese standards of sub 80 for treatment or even a referral for a pituitary check.

I hit high 70s prior to joining here and life slightly got better with testing different doses of T with the first shot of 25mg test P immediately waking me up out of a walking coma.

So, if things do get bad, I’m willing to accept it and I’m financially set to do so if worse comes to worse.

But I will try everything in my power to not return to that feeling again.

As far as playing with orals and upping to 750mg, it’s just fun and I do it 2 to 3 times a year, with 750mg being my first at attempting T.

Thank you for your concern though.

As I said, I know many who do 500 mg/wk cruise, and none have had bad sides. Just know the risks you are taking and weigh them out.

What doses have you tried? It might be that something like 300 does not instantly clear your brain fog, but after 4 weeks it does.

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125mg a week for about 2 months
125mg + 100mg primo a week for about 2 months
250mg + 100mg primo a week for about two months (but want to say I did 250mg every 2 weeks inbetween that first).
250mg x2 + 100mg x2 primo (where it was good) until primo was discontinued
…and stayed at 250mg x2 for 2 years or so now?

This is off the top of my head.

But, they come in 125mg and 250mg 1ml pop top vials, not 10ml bottles. Seems like a waste to pin 0.60ml of a 250ml bottle to attempt 300mg when I’m still paying for the 250ml vial and can’t save it (no preloading syringes and they’re highly controlled here).

All good things must come to an end.

I was cruising on 500mg test-e for a good time now (last post would indicate 3 years).

The hospital I was seen at has had such a high churn, that finally we got a conservative doctor concerned about health and numbers as opposed to the feelings of a patient. He denied giving me any shots until he saw my test results, which showed a level of 3000. At this point, he refused to administer anymore and referred me to a specialist to get evaluated for something other than hypogonadism (potentially mild androgen insensitivity).

Until then, I have 0 testosterone (only on what’s in my body with half-life now).

I will really feel it when I hit the 1200~ mark, possibly have hard impact at 600 and will feel like death when I hit 60 (if I can even make that after being on so long).

The wait times are long and I’m unsure at this point to manipulate different doctors at different clinics to get injections or to ride this out for a month, to very well 3, on the hopes of a diagnosis that would give me the ability to get any amount of testosterone desired as at any level below 2500-3200, I do not feel “healthy” (mind, body, etc.), despite all other numbers (cholesterol, RBC, etc. which are in check) being overlooked as in the healthy range.

He kept saying he treats the patient and not numbers, but couldn’t overlook a testosterone level of 3000 with numbers other than that of a completely healthy male (creatine, of course, runs high at times). :roll_eyes: