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Test E or Test C?

I’m new to a lot of this been working out for some time now. I have only tried something about 6 years ago I loved them did everything I expected them some. I guess why question is which route would you guys go and what kind of cycle should I run? My buddy I use to work out with moved out of town so and he seemed to know a lot so that is why I am on here now. Thanks guys!

We are going to need alot more info from you.

Age, weight, experience, goals, etc. TBH, you sound fairly limited in your knowledge. Better be prepared to do your homework.

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Age 36i weigh right around 180ish experience not so much on this subject. Goals would be to get bigger I have pretty much stuck at the same weight forever it feels like. I want to bulk up more than anything that is why I decided to reach out to you guys. And I am limited on my knowledge like I said before. I have no problem doing my homework on some things. I was just curious if I did decide to go this route what cycle may be best for just starting on something like this. I have been reading on it here and there the last couple of days.

If you don’t know the difference (or lack of) from test e and test c you really need a lot more research on steroids, pct drugs, how steroids effect your body short and long term, your endocrine system and aromotose inhibitors. Proper research will take you the better part of a year then reevaluate a cycle once you can make an informed decision

I’ll definitely look more into them before looking for them. I have researched this subject in the past and a little bit more lately I was just trying to get some information from guys that have been down this road was all which one would be better for not really a first timer but which one would be better to start on for strength and weight gain and bulk was all. Thanks for the info guys!

To answer your original question, there isnt much difference between Test Ethanate and Cyp. I run eth because its what I can get.

Typically a first cycle is 500 mg of Test divided into 2 shots per week. Usually at that level, we recommend having Nolvadex on hand but not using it unless gyno sides start to appear.