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Test E Only for Second Cycle

Hey fellas I’m hoping I can get some help with my test e only cycle I’m going to run. Here’s a little bit about me. I’m 25 and have been training for 3 years all natural and put on 40lbs clean and natural in that time(140-183). Just last month I started a Dbol only cycle and saw some fantastic strength gains and water retention to give a nice look. I’m very very very lean so I want something that will pack on some hard body building muscle.

I have never ran test e in my life but the Dbol went fine with out a problem. I’m wondering with the test e, adex, clomid and nolva what else you’ll think I need. I don’t want to run dumb high dosage because I don’t believe I need it so I’m going to stick with 350 or 400 tops. Thanks guys. Here’s a pic directly after the Dbol!

  1. Edit that and cover your face. You’re getting advice about something illegal, so best to keep your face out of the picture.
  2. You look good, man. You are indeed lean, but it looks like you’ve got solid proportions, so your training must be in order. Ditto diet.
  3. Run the test at 500, since that’s the standard first cycle, use the adex as needed, pct with the Nolva for four weeks, and you’ll be good to go. If you out in the effort and eat for it you can make some seriously nice gains that way. It seems like you’ve got everything in order though.

What Iron said. Did you have that gyno before you ran that dbol cycle? Not hating, I have puberty gyno myself

Yes sadly I have had the gyno since I was 16. I have learned to live with it but surprisingly when taking high dosage of adex it seemed to tame some of the swelling

Right on, I’ll start with 500 then, seems pretty straight forward. Just want to make sure I wasn’t missing anything

Okay good, it’s annoying but I think majority of guys have at least a small amount of gyno, obviously being into fitness/bodybuilding we notice it and are hyper critical of it.

I noticed the gyno right away to. Get yourself a discountedlabs blood test before starting to see where your E2 and prolactin are. Those are the two hormones that gave you that gyno.

I’m on TRT and take a super low dose of anastrozle weekly to keep my E2 in the mid to high 20’s But when I blast I let my E2 run and stop the anastrozole. No AI is usually what I like to recommend, I feel it helps my joints for the harder workouts, but in your case you don’t want that gyno to grow anymore. Your physique is awesome everyone wishes for a waist as small as yours. I do not have a lot of experience with these other drugs my blasts are T cyp only. I wonder if you should run nolva during your cycle to stop any gyno growth. Hopefully someone who knows a lot more will chime in. Good Luck man. Oh if you’ve never done T injections before get ready for some shitty side effects.

Okay one more question, may sound dumb. But the Dbol was liquid oral drops and bad ass and had to take twice a day. For test e pinning is it once a week or twice a week? Or split a little bit everyday ?

I didn’t get any (more) gyno growth from the Dbol which I was surprised. I started it at 30mg a day then boosted to 40mg with good gains and no sides.
My gyno is really bad but I’m planning to have it removed after this next test cycle so I can stop looking at it

Twice a week will be good.

So you believe the test will hit me with really bad sides ? I hear Dbol would have terrible sides as well but other than being dry as hell from all the water retention I feel pretty good. I had a little bit of anxiety the first 2 to 3 weeks which was odd and most likely me just over thinking shit.
I will get some blood work done while on the test to make sure I have regular levels.

I don’t know about really bad sides most of the guys I have talked with over the last 5 years were starting TRT but I have to assume first time blasters get those side pretty bad. Water weight being the first then nipples on fire, several weeks later super oily skin followed by acne, shoulder and backne. By this time E2 is thru the roof so your dick quits working but you are horny as hell and then you start crying over every little thing. You know just a woman on here period. This cycling shit sure sounds like fun doesn’t it somewhere in all that you are suppost to really kick ass at the gym and grow some muscle. I don’t usually feel any stronger until week 5. 5,6,7,8 are my favorite time after that my strength kind of peaks and I sometimes wonder if I should keep going. Nothing new is happening.

So this does not sound to grim. I’m on my 4th well 5th I had to abort my 4th after 48 days. I don’t get any of those bad sides anymore. My first 4 weeks injecting 125mg M/W/F and it feels no different than when I am injection 100mg/wk. But around week 5 something happens and before you know it two hours have passed at the gym and you are not even tired.

This testosterone thing does not sound fun for you. Dbol treated me well. I got strong as fuck, lost even more fat muscles rounded out from water and nothing else happened bad.

I have zero side effects from testosterone. The only time anything happened to me was when I first started trt. The few weeks as I adjusted I got some acne on my shoulders. That was years ago and I’ve been extremely happy ever since. I’m blasting now and notice no difference between this and trt. Everyone responds a little differently.

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