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Test E Only First Cycle


Hey guys, Hoping you can help me out with my first cycle

21 - Male - 183cm - 70kg (154lbs) - 13% BF (roughly)

About 3 years ago, my friend introduced me to weight lifting. I started at age 18 weighing in at 55kg (121lbs) and after about 6 months I got really into it, and decided to do a personal training course. With the knoweldge I gained from the course I found it extremely easy and i guess you could say it was my passion at the time… Anyways 3 years later and I’ve hit a plateau and havent really had many gains.

Goals: I want to bulk up, putting on more lean muscle

So, after about a 3 months of reading up on cycles, iv decided to start a Test E only cycle at 500mg pinned once p/week for 12 weeks. So, here goes

Cycle plan:
Weeks 1-12 – 500mg/week Test Enanthate - Pinned once e/monday
Weeks 1-12 – 0.25mg Arimidex EOD
Weeks 13-14 – Nolva 20mg/twice daily
Weeks 15-16 – Nolva 20mg/day

I am still currently working on my diet plan, but will update this as soon as i finish it.

Also, If anyones interested I will be more than happy to use this post as a log and keep you guys updated with everything every 2nd or 3rd day…

Please guys any useful information, criticism or feedback will be appreciated! And dont be afraid to ask any questions :slight_smile:


Split your shots up to twice a week. 250 each shot Monday and Thursday.


I agree with @ragnar82. Split dosages to twice a week (Mon and Thu) to keep things more level. Also, what is your diet like? That could be the reason for your plateau. These forums work better if you give as much information as possible. Honestly, I don’t think you should have to run a cycle at 21. I think you need changes in diet and training… I think you should give more stats before you receive any more advice. (height,weight, BF%, possibly bloodwork, diet, training, max lifts… to name a few.) 154 pounds is still really small. I think you could do more naturally.
ALSO, I don’t remember any PT certs that I have taken that really discuss how to use AAS. I don’t know how much you have actually researched. Might wanna check into things a little more… Fitness has been my passion for 10 years… but I didn’t know shit about AAS until I actually did research.

Like I said, It is easier to help if you give more info.


How tall are you?
I have a real hard time listening to someone weighing only 154lbs saying that making gains has been easy
Sure, you put on 33lbs in 3yrs but there’s NO way that’s all LBM. You started lifting at 18. Without even touching the weights you could easily be 154lbs to this day
There’s too much wrong with you deciding to cycle so early. I’m sure you don’t need to if you learn more about the value of nutrition and a properly executed progressive overload program. A personal trainer certification is fuck all. You can get better educated on T-Nation if you wanted to be serious
What are some of your lifts? That’ll help clarify how hard you’ve been working
More importantly give us an example of your diet the last 3yrs. Pro, carbs, fats and total carbs