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Test E Only - First Cycle

Hey guys, I’ve been reading a lot around here.

I guess I plan on doing a Test E ONLY (and I mean only) cycle. It doesn’t seem like I need much more reading through the threads.

Currently on hand I have 5 Vials of 250mg/ml Test Enth, A bottle of amiridex and nolva, but if all goes well I plan on only using the Test E.

My stats are 190lbs, 6’0, 26yrs old. Lifting for 8 years, serious for 3. Diet is 4200 cal, 40/30/30 Carb/P/Fat.

Weeks 1-12 Test E 250mg 2x/Week
Weeks 14-18 50mg 2x/Week
Weeks 19-21 50mg/40mg/20mg 1x/week

How’s this look boys?

looks good u might want to use the adex though 0.25mg eod durring the cycle should do. just curious y u chose the taper method as opposed to just a standard serm pct

you will need an ai when running test. .25mg EOD is the usual. I myself like .5mg EOD just to be safe but the choice is yours. And as for pct your doing a test taper?

Yes, I think I’m choosing to do the Test taper method, mainly because that is what my close friends have been doing successfully.

I’m not sure I want the loss in gains from an AI, but I’m open if you have a convincing argument. I just started last week.

the AI won’t make you lose gains

I reccomend running an AI.

500mg can still aromatize enough to cause trouble in those susceptible.
Plus, it will help with water retention.