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Test-E Only First Cycle Log

After a lot of hesitation I decided to pull the trigger and do my first shot today. Taking that decision was really hard and I am still very nervous lol.

Thanks to this forum and the people here I understand the risks/rewards and have enough knowledge to hopefully not screw up. I got blood work done to establish a baseline as recommended, will get more done while on cycle and during PCT. My stats:

Age: 31
Height: 5’10
Weight: 168lbs
BF: 11%
Been training fairly regularly for the past 3 years

I have been convinced by the experts here to run a simple Test-E cycle for 10 weeks, and use Nolvadex for PCT. I have hCG on hand but not quite sure if I should use it on cycle. My biggest concerns are regarding preserving fertility so I am inclined to utilize it later in the cycle prior to PCT. I have AI on hand but I do not plan to use it which seems to be the emerging consensus around here.

So Without further ado here is the plan:

W 1-1 Test Enth 300mg
W 2-10 Test Enth 500mg (250mg 2x/w)
W 4-10 HCG 250iu 2x/w (undecided)
W 1-10 Nolva 20mg/d on need basis

Nolva (40/20/20/20) 2 weeks after the last pin. Also have Clomid on hand just in case.

I am starting with a fairly low dose of test in the first week to see how it goes and how my body reacts etc. I realize this is not exactly standard but I figured it can’t be too bad to be cautious and also rest the virgin injection sites.

If someone in real life was to ask me whether I recommend them to cycle I would almost certainly say no given all I learned :smiley: unless it is done under doctor supervision and the drugs are obtained legally. That said, I understand that many people will make a similar decision of just going at it alone, so I felt the least I could do to give back to the community here is to share my experience so people can have it as a data point.
I saw a lot of “first cycle log” threads that get abandoned early on or without sharing the full experience. I am committed to keep updating the thread here until PCT is done.

Week 1

First shot in the left glute went very smoothly. I am pleasantly surprised there was almost no pain at all! I massaged the area, did a few squats and took a hot shower afterwards.

Next morning my glute is a little sore, but nothing really bad.
Day after that the glute is still sore (maybe even more so).
Third day the glute soreness is gone. Leg day went fine.
Other than that everything else seems normal, not feeling any changes yet.

Week 2
Decided to opt for a lower dose than originally planed based on advice here. Will do 300mg this week then increase to 400mg (not 500mg) going forward.
Planning on getting blood work done this week to see my levels with 300mg compared to the baseline

Pinned my right glute. Also no major pain, although being left handed it was a struggle to push the plunger while injecting with my right hand and it was hard to keep the needle steady. Will have to work on the technique later to avoid doing something bad.
Glute was sore for a couple of days before recovering.

Week 3
Starting this week I will be pinning 2x/wk and increasing the dose to 400mg/wk. I will also start running Nolva 20mg 2x/wk.
Pinned my left glute today, again rather smooth process with no pain at all. Hopefully soreness will be less this time the next day.

Not really feeling any effects yet (bad or good lol). I did gain some weight ~3 pounds but that’s probably just from eating more and mostly water. Expect that around week 4 is when it starts really kicking in.
Did bloodwork near the end of week 2. Results in a post below.

Week 4
Pinned my left glute today. Soreness after injection is now generally much less and goes away much faster.
Hoping to start feeling some positive effects soon

Week 5
Week 5 started today by pinning my left glute.
So far so good in terms of sides. Noticing higher sex drive but no other effects yet.
Will start pushing harder in training this week as the effects should be kicking in soon (I wish!).

Week 6
Week 6 starts today. Pushing harder than before and eating more, waiting for the gains to arrive haha!

Week 7
Week 7 starts today. Not experiencing any dramatic effects, perhaps because of the relatively low dose, but starting to feel and look better. Gained 5lbs so far, able to push harder and recovery is a breeze. Will keep at it and see how far I go.

Week 8
Started hCG this week 250iu twice a week to prepare for recovery.
Gains and effects are very noticeable. Something is certainly working :slight_smile:
I don’t “feel” differently but I am able to push harder than before and routinely get new records in every workout and don’t feel sore or tired the next day.

Week 9
Continue to make noticeable gains

Week 10
Last week on cycle.

Week 12
PCT starts today. Overall feel OK. I added 12 lbs since the start, will see how much remains.
Getting bloodwork later this week to see how things are looking.

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Keep us updated mate , I’m starting a mini blast test E only in a few weeks , good to see I’m not the only one running test only , to many fellas throwing cocktails into their bodies on first cycles :+1:t3::muscle:t3::+1:t3:

Why are you only doing 300mg the first week? Most recommend starting with the same dosage you’ll be running throughout; using a lower dosage to start would only slow down blood level saturation and delay the “kick”.

Because it is his first time and he want to see how his body reacts to 300 (which ain’t a small dose)
Sounds like a smart move to me. It will still take a month to start feeling stronger and recovering faster.
riddle don’t panic when your tits start burning it all part of the journey. Keep your AI in your emergency bag its not time to bring it out yet. haha, those round bandaids working pretty well just get your GF to shave your nipple hair before applying.

That’s exactly the idea. Also, I had shots in my right glute before (not AAS related) but never in the left glute so I figured it could be better to give the left glute 2 weeks to rest after the first pin before injecting in it again. I am kind of scared to inject anywhere else other than the glutes haha so I only have 2 sites to rotate. May have to rethink this if it gets too much during the cycle.

Thanks for the bandaids tip! I have the advantage of not having any chest hair so no need to shave hahaha

You could always stay at 300mg/wk. Literature shows its more than sufficient enough to cause significant accruations in LBM. why not go low for you’re 1st cycle, you have (assuming nothing goes seriously wrong) many cycles ahead of you. The higher the dosage the higher the chance of something going seriously wrong

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My inclination was to do 300mg/wk at first. But a lot of the advice here suggests that 300mg/wk may not be very effective while still involving all of the shutdown risks of 500mg/wk, so it is better to do 500.

I know that almost everybody here believes that there is no such thing as “one cycle only” (unless things go bad, heaven forbid :)), and I understand why they think that way. But my plan is to take things one step at a time, so I would like to get the best out of this cycle without factoring in future cycles (if any).

Haha… u and me are in the same boat. My glutes are Sore! From my 2 weeks of injections and still have some small lumps… but I don’t feel confident injecting anywhere else… I am a little concerned of creating scar tissue if I keep injecting where I’m still sore like I am though.

There’s def such a thing as one cycle only, but even then I believe you should use the minimum dose to get what you want. Rely on diet and training and use AAS as a tool to aid you reach you’re goals faster. Clinical data shows WITHOUT exercise in relatively untrained individuals, 300mg of test/wk will net around 12lbs increase in LBM over 20wks. Imagine what kind of increments in LBM could be made on such a dose with spot on diet and training.

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How much of that LBM was water?

Quads are pretty easy to inject and would give your glutes a break.

I’ve decided I’m gonna do quads for Monday’s injection. My gluteus are just sore as hell at this point Is it better to just jab the damn thing in or go slow?.. which is what I do.

Great! please let us know how that went for you, my glute is still sore and I feel doing this once a week would be very taxing

Week 1 went rather smoothly, not feeling anything different. Week 2 starts today.

Week 3 started. Bloodwork results came back and I have confirmation that the gear is real lol.

Baseline -> On Cycle

TT: 580 -> 1700
FT: 14 -> 47
Estradiol: 24.9 -> 68
LH: 6 -> 0.2
FSH: 2.2 -> 0.2

So I guess the dreaded shutdown has also kicked in :slight_smile:

Other than that other numbers are normal except AST(SGOT) which came back as high (57) compared to a baseline of 14. Is this something to worry about?