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Test E Only First Cycle for Strength


Hi all,
Im a 22 year old intermediate powerlifting-oriented bro. My stats are 6ft 2, 250lbs, ive been lifting for about 1 year or so and my squat, bench and deadlift are 440/280/500.
Ive been considering on starting my first ever cycle of test E only just to experience its effects. I don’t count macros, i practically eat whatever i want ensuring i get enough protein and a slight surplus. Should i go on a 250mg/biweekly/10 weeks cycle, or 250mg/weekly/16 weeks cycle? My goal is to gain strength but if i get jacked and lose some fat while on it thats a bonus (Take note that i dont care about being lean and shredded).


I did my first cycle at 21 after powerlifting for nearly 8 years, and I still wish Id have waited.

You’ve been lifting for “about” a year and you’re only 22. Your numbers are also not competitive or impressive whatsoever.

For the love of god, just wait.