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Test E Only Cycle Question


Ok So I'm starting my 5 week of test e only . I am taking two shots of 1.5 mil weekly total of 750 mg of test weekly. I asked alot of people and they Said that it should be fine. I know it's alot. So question one is that to much ? Second question : I need something for Gino what's best for it beside novi an clomid? And when should I start it? After cycle during. I was told of you take novi during your cycle it could effect your gains. So those are my two questions. Professional opinions appreciated.


Is this your first cycle? Post with stats/training experience and all the other crap the stickies say you need to post with.

SERMS like clomid and nolvadex are not the best on cycle. That is the job of an AI like adex/letro. SERMs are best post cycle.
5 weeks is not long enough, in my opinion.

Bonez, or anyone else more with more knowledge than me could tell you better.

It sounds like you need to take a few months tops to research. Read all the stickies on here. That is a good place to start.


The cycle is 12 weeks I'm just on my 5th


that makes more sense, maybe you should edit your first post because everyones going to think its a 5 week cycle.

first off.. do you have nolva or clomid in your possesion right now? and have you started developing gyno already or are you just asking as a precaution?


Novi should be good for gino, but I'm not sure what either of those are so I can't be 100%. As far as gyno goes, you should already have had an AI on hand to prevent that in the first place. It sounds like you don't (good job, seriously) and you're 5 weeks in. By the time you order any (assuming you don't know anyone with it already) you won't even get it til maybe 8 weeks in at which point if you're already growing boobs you should stop the cycle anyway. At five weeks though and presumably no symptoms, you may have lucked out.
Hopefully at this point you're wondering why you didn't ask for free advice BEFORE you decided to start this cycle. There's absolutely no excuse you can have that you couldn't take an hour to peruse the stickies.


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