Test E Only Beginner Cycle - Advice and Suggestions

Hey T-nation Community,

I have been training for 15 years now and have decided to give a Test-E only cycle a go. I have been considering it for a few years and think now is the right time.

I just wanted to know peoples thoughts on my researched ideas.

Week 1 - 10 = Test E - 500mg per week (2 x 250mg)
Week 1 - 12 = Arimidex 0.25 EOD
Week 13 - 14 = Nolvadex 20mg twice daily
Week 14 - 16 = Nolvadex 20mg daily

Needles - Draw up 1 1/2 inch 40mm
- Inject with 1 1/4 inch 30mm

1 - Is it advisable to start lower with Test E, say 350 per week and check my bodies response and then increase from there?
2 - Would this be enough for the cycle stated above? ( Test E 1Vial - 10ml [250mg / 1ml] - Hilma Biocare Box of 10ml , 250mg / ml. Total 250mg Testosterone enanthate)



One vial is enough for five weeks. Get three vials.

Don’t take arimidex EOD. Don’t take it at all unless you actually need it. You have no idea how your body is going to react to the test—or to the arimidex for that matter—and you may need a lot less (or none).

As far as 350 vs 500 I don’t know if you’ll even notice a difference. Some people are very sensitive to small changes, others can run crazy high doses without issue. 500 is usually a starting point because it’s got the best (theoretical) balance between benefits and side effects.


How old are you !

I’m 30.

So you wouldn’t recommend arimidex? It’s difficult as different people recommend different things, I just want to avoid gyno and minimise side.

Have it on hand, but don’t use it unless you need it.

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You could run just two bottles of 10ml and hope you have exactly enough to take full shots for 10 weeks. My experience has shown that realistically I can hope for 9 and 1/2 shots per bottle when using UGL gear. Sometimes I do get a full 10 and occasionally I get 10 and 1/2 shots. I think you should get three bottle like Iron suggested and push you cycle out to at least 12 weeks. Really with enanthate or cypionate the minimum length should be 12 weeks. If you get three bottles just run them until they are out that should get you close to 13-14 weeks which is fine. The enanthate ester doesn’t really sing until like week 7-8 so 10 is just not enough time to harness it properly.

For the AI I would get the arimidex when you order your stuff. I would not just start running it, this is your first cycle so see if you even need it at 500mgs a week. A lot of guys don’t need it and it is all to easy to use just a little to much and make your gains go no where, as in no gains. We need some Estrogen just not too much or too little. You need to do some experimenting on your first few cycles to see what exactly you do and do not respond well to. If you do end up needing it I would say start with 0.25 mgs on days that you inject but you will probably need 0.5 mg on days you inject. That seems to be the dose most guys do well with when running 500mgs a week.

If you do end up needing the arimidex just know that by two weeks after you stop injecting whatever dose you were using will be way too much. Really you might not even need it the first week after you stop injecting or if you do need it you will need a reduced dose.

Don’t fluctuate your dosing just pick one and stick to it. The enanthate ester doesn’t allow on cycle dosage adjustment. By the time the new dose finally stabilizes you will not have enough time left to really see what it does. If you are confused about why go read up on the half life of the enanthate ester. Hell just go read up on half lives period and then look at the different lengths of the different esters. The general rule is it takes about five half lives of steady injections for that dose to finally stabilizes in your blood then it takes five half lives after you stop for it to be completely clear of your system. Just fyi being clear of your system doesn’t mean a drug test can’t detect it.

For you needle choices, I only know gauges so mm doesn’t translate so I can’t comment. If you can convert it I use 25 gauge either 1 inch or 1.5 inches long. That seems to be a good all around size. It lets you draw from the bottle fast enough and then it keeps you from injecting too fast. It kind of makes the whole process some what idiot proof.


Take these guys advice on the AI.

First cycle I ran was Test E 500 a week with Aromasin E3D. I was exhausted and felt shitty but pushed through and made good gains. But never felt great nor did I enjoy the cycle.

Second cycle I ran test E 500 a week and DBOL 30mg daily for 4 weeks. I did not have the same exhaustion feeling and had a better overall sense of being and enjoyment from the cycle.

I will always have and AI on hand, but will never throw more compounds into my body without a clear sign of needing it.


So recommendations would be:

Week 1 - 12 = Test E - 500mg per week (2 x 250mg)
Week 15 - 16 = Nolvadex 20mg twice daily
Week 17 - 18 = Nolvadex 20mg daily

Arimidex 0.25 (on days of injection only?)

You could probably keep the Nolva on hand as well and be sensitive to nipple tenderness or small lumps forming under your nipples.

What we, on this forum, have found is that MOST ancillaries are not necessary when just running a dose of Test at 500/week or less. BUT everybody is different, hence the suggestion that you be prepared to take it if needed.

No, not on injection days only, stop trying to force using an AI, you might not need it. Why force yourself to add something that may have side effects, when your body may not need it at all.
Start your cycle, no Adex, unless high E2 symptoms arise.

Thank you all for your advice and suggestions.

Are there any other beginner tips that you learnt from your first cycles? Things that you should/shouldn’t do?

This is forbidden by forum rules. I can tell you that you should not be ordering online but thru a forum where sellers can be reviewed and rated by the buyers. Also, contact and correspondence should be by secure email. You need to remember that this is illegal.

Lastly, new users usually get some pretty good post injection pain (PIP).

You should also expect to pay via Money gram, or Western Union or Paypal in some instances. Also, payments usually go to China, even for domestic shipping.

Sounds to me like you don’t have a source. Don’t be a bro and get stuff online man.