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Test E Only, 5th Week In


Hi guys, I hope this is the correct place. I misplaced my other account username so sorry for looking like a leecher.

Age: 26
Weight: 80kg Start - 85kg Current
Height: 5'8"

Test E 400mg per week
Aromasin 12.5mg EOD (No signs of gyno and very low water retention, no bloating or anything)

It is almost the end of my 5th week, next pin to start week 6 is in 2 days.
5kg up, strength is up but not by heaps.

Some people report 10-15-20kg of gains on a cycle, is this normal to only be up 5kg by week 6 (Some is obviously water weight) should I be checking my diet is good enough or perhaps it doesn't kick in till week 6? I've been told it kicks in week 4, 5 6 etc. but not 100% sure.

Cheers guys, sorry for the noob questions.

  1. 5kg for some one who obviously has no clue what the hell they are doing is pretty good.
  2. You obviously have no clue what your doing.
  3. Good call on getting your diet and training in order 6 weeks into a cycle rather than before ever starting seriously good logic.


My appologise, it's late I must of worded it wrong.
My diet and training are what I view to be solid, BUT I was thinking maybe my diet could use tweaking if these numbers aren't something good.


You barely weighted in at 170 before getting on. Your training may be ok but your not eating enough to support growth. If it puts it in perspective at 5'6" I was 190 before I got on. Now I'm 230 same height. Your not eating.


I don't know why people feel the need to beat other people up for asking simple questions
Anyways, what should be said is that 11lbs is VERY normal or considered good gainz 6 weeks in with a long esther like Test E, and you're only running 400mg/wk
I don't think you'd want or expect more that early if you're looking to build quality muscle
Of course, re-evaluate your diet! If you're asking it could be better


No what should have been said was his ass has not figured out how to eat or train naturally to support growth so he honestly has no fucking place running gear to begin with. Bit maybe I'm just honest and could a fuck if I hurt some ones feelings because they are not very knowledgeable on a subject but, yet they choose to jump into any way.


Truth hurts


Didn't know what 5kg was but didn't sound like a lot till Sam converted it to 11lbs. That's freaking awesome in 6 weeks on that dose of test. Make sure to rearrange your macros and calorie surplus as your numbers go up. Try to aim for 1.5-2.5g protein per lb of bodyweight. Good luck.