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Test E On/Off


Do someone here have some opinions about using test e 500mg pr week for 4wk then 2wk off. And do so for 3 periode.

I have used test e before and works fine with no issues.
But now i have those 2 weeks a cannot jab.

I’m not entirely sure what you mean but using test e for 4 weeks then going off is rather pointless. It takes 5-6 weeks to reach stable levels.

If you want to run short “burst” type cycles then use test propionate. I am not suggesting that four weeks one then two off and repeat is a good idea on test propionate but it definitely a less bad idea vs doing that on test enanthate. Really at four weeks you are just getting to the point of shutting down your natural test significantly so using short esters would at least allow the synthetic levels to clear out. With enanthate you will still have enough in your system during those two weeks that you can not consider them off weeks then you have to look at how those levels will be not high enough to facilitate any serious growth. You take two weeks off and let the levels go lower then start to build them back up only to stop again at the point where the good stuff starts to happen. Why? You would just be waisting the money you spent on the test.

So in conclusion, your plan is actually a 18 weeks cycle where you won’t get really anything appreciable out of it. You might get a little bit but not something serious. If you were to do the same plan with test propionate then that two isn’t really going to let you get anything serious. You will get more out of it than with enanthate because the prop levels get up and saturate your plasma much sooner but even that on your time schedule just isn’t going to be a smart healthy move. Those two weeks off will make your body think it needs to produce its own test again then you go and stop it with taking four weeks of shots, then repeat. In my opinion you should be running at least six weeks for prop OR ten weeks for enanthate then a proper PCT and recovery. Your on and off thing is just going to confuse your body.

Is there a reason for this not common time table of testosterone enanthate usage? Really it’s just odd like I can not figure out why you would unless you are getting drug tested, Wich I would then say anabolics are cheating and even doing what you are talking about will get you caught. The only way to not have any testosterone enanthate or testosterone propionate in your system after two weeks is not put it in there in the first place. Your only viable option and again. I am not suggesting this, is raw testosterone. As I understand it the tests can not detect synthetic raw testosterone vs natural all they can detect is total levels and raw test has a half life of six hours I think. So with some planning you could have reasonable levels for the drug test.

Every four weeks you have 2 that you can’t inject? Or you start and after 4 weeks have to take 2 weeks off then can go back to injections like normal?

Every 4 wk i have 2 i cannot jab. Its because i cannot take needles to my work. Maybe cypionate will be better. Or short prop cycles then?

It sounds like you need to wait until after this period so that you can properly run a cycle. Now enanthate vs cypionate test is only a difference in one day for it’s half life so it won’t do anything appreciable in your situation. You could look for test decanoate or undecanoate this have half lives up around 15 days vs 7-10 of enan and cyp. (So many things say around 7 days and so many say 10 so I just write it as both might be accurate). But really you not being able to pin for two weeks, are you still going to be able to workout? Are you going off shore because that is what it sounds like and being from Louisiana originally I understand that whole “you can’t even take a tylenol” when off shore.

Really with the four week two week thing it sounds like you need to get vials of different esters and then go play on the new version of steroidcalc (I forget the name) and then come up with some crazy injection schedule that uses the decanoate/undecanoate estered test to get you through your two week period at a level that is somewhat close to what you will be at during your four weeks of being able to inject. Just writing that was complicated so maybe you might want to wait until you can properly run the gear and get what you need to out of the money you will be spending.

And FYI the shots of decanoate or undecanoate will have to be HUGE to keep your levels high like what you will be getting with the four weeks of regular injections. And don’t forget to calculate for ester weight, which means even LARGER shots to get you through the two weeks. That released from the decanoate or undecanoate is so slow that you are going to literally be needing close to 1000 mgs at the beginning big the two weeks just to make sure you still have high enough per day levels at the end of the two weeks and a 1000mgs might not even do it. I really wish I had my old graph plots of the decanoate or undecanoate release estimations. I’m going to go look for them in my old phones saved screen shots. If I find them I Will share them and you will see what I mean.

Test U. Problem solved. Harder to find in the underground, but it’s out there. You can also buy transdermal test if you can’t find undecanoate. You have choices and they are much better than 4 on/2 off.