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Test E NPP Winny Cycle


Hey guys. I'm a new member, but have been absorbing info from you guys for years. I figure I'd contribute.

I'm about to order my 3rd cycle, but its been a few years since the last one. I'd like to think I'm more educated about diet and PCT etc.

Let me know what you guys think about. I'll try to keep updates from ordering to the end of the cycle.

Week 1-11 300mg Test E M/Th
Week 3-12 100mg NPP M/Th/Sat
Week 12-13 150mg Test P EOD
Week 8-13 50 mg Winny ED


Am I front loading Test E?

Why run Test P at the end?
To stabilize blood levels ASAP and get into PCT faster.

Why not Test P only?
Never used it before and I'm scared of PIP so if its bad I only have 7 pins at the end of the cycle and I'll know for future cycles. (Insert pussy jokes here)

Why NPP not deca?
NPP should (hopefully) give less bloat than deca (Summer is coming up).

Why not NPP the full 13 weeks?
Personal experiment so I can feel the difference between being on just test then adding the NPP. Plus the Enanthate meeds time to kick in.

What gear?
Pharmacom. Just talked to Darius through email and response was quick (less than 24 hours)


seems like you have your mind made up for your own reasons already, not sure what youre asking of us.

I personally would just run prop and not worry about test e, if its a 12 week cycle,
Youre already running npp 3x a week (I personally would do 4x EOD)
Why not jab prop at the same time, I mean I understand pip can be a bitch.
but youre on gear, man up bro…

Other than that I think its a good looking cycle.


i’d run the NPP right away, and stop it a couple weeks prior to stopping the test e. it’s supposed to be similar in half-life to test prop, but it’s really not, and is suppressive for a week and a half. (i think this has to do with the effect of nandrolone more than the ester, actually)

also, you don’t need to run the prop at the end until PCT… the test e needs a few weeks to taper off anyway…