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Test-E + Nolva + Clomid

I have some TEST-E (10 vials of 250mg).
I have nova and clomid for PCT’s

I was wondering which one (nova,clomid) to use DURING my 10 week cycle to prevent aromitization, then which one to use AFTER to restore my balls and natural test levels.

I belive it was clomid during and nova after, but I wasn’t sure because I lost the article. Please tell me if I should do this and how much to use. I think the cycle was like this:

Week 1-10: TEST-E 250mg Clom 50mg
Week 12-?: NOVA ?mg

Thanks for your help, this is my first cycle at:

Age 21

2 years working out, solid training started at 125 and I have hit a plateau and need a boost.

Go eat something.

5’10 165 is pathetic.

While you are gaining another 30 pounds, read the stickies.

Nova? Novacaine?

By the stickies he means the top 8 threads!

Bonez, lookin great in your avator!!

like bonez said, all you need to do is eat more,and train hard as hell you can get up to 180 easy at 5’10… my buddy got up to 205 and he is 5’10…

Agree - 180lbs should be a minimum natty size for your height…

Food is the most anabolic substance you can introduce to your body - bar none.

There is more than one way to skin a cat, and your plateau could be easily recovered from with some dilligent diet and training changes - do a strength macrocycle, a muscular endurance macrocycle, a transition (low intensity for a week) cycle, HIT or just the total opposite of what you do now - all training programs stop producing results eventually.

And start counting calories - counting calories and keeping a log of macronutrients (pro/cho/fat) is a GREAT way to gain weight, as it keeps you thinking about food 24/7…
Eat plenty of carbs and shoot for a 35/50/15 - 30/50/20 ratio of protein, carbs and fat…

People bang on about protein being necessary for growth, and it is as apart from muscles being made up of protein, the skin, hair nails etc all are too… - but make sure to get in more carbs than protein, as the insulin will allow you to utilise more protein at one sitting, and fully carb up your muscles for the exhausting workouts you do.
Insulin is a pure anabolic hormone - it promotes storage, ie. Anabolism.

Eat clean fats, but dont be too strict on yourself - it looks to me you are likely an ecto-morph type person and can get away with eating carbs and fats together, and some simple carbs and saturated fats - in moderation (unless you are skinny-fat) will help with controlled insulin peaks and hormone production.

Hope this helps, it is a very vague attempt at help as i know fuck all about your physique, personality, lifestyle and training.

Leave the Steroid section and go to the Beginners/Bodybuilding/Supplement+Nutrition sections of the forum.

*i suspect you may ignore most advice given - so if you do this crappy cycle let me say this:

Do as i said as well as the cycle, in regards to diet and training - and realise that 250mg/wk of Test over 10 weeks is not the best cycle you could have done.
With the products you have, you could do 7wks at 350mg - it will produce better gains IME (7wks is just enough without a frontload to realise good gains on a cyp ester and therefore an enanth ester), and use the nolvadex during the cycle at 20mg/wk and the clomid after the cycle at 100mg a day for 2 wks and 50mg/day for 2 weeks after that. Start the clomid 2 weeks after the last Test shot.
Neither drug will prevent aromatisation, as they are both Selective Estrogen Receptor Antagonists - meaning they ‘Block’ the receptors at some selected sites - the breast being one.
Arimidex is the drug you needed for prevention of aromatisation…
but you have none, you have too little test, you have no idea how to design PCT and you are not trained or educated enough to use AAS in my opinion… i am just trying to help if you decide to do this cycle.

Bear in mind that with no Arimidex (Aromatase Inhibitor) you may have issues with gynocomastia and other estrogen related sides - depending on how much your body aromatizes and how sensitive certain receptors are to estrogen.
I, for example, would get gyno on 250mg test a week and 20mg nolvadex a day… be warned.*


nice post brook!!!

Follow Brook and Bonez’ advice then get 10 more vial of test.

[quote]eatbig87 wrote:
nice post brook!!![/quote]

X2, damn I took alot of that in.