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Test-E No Gains?!?


Hey Guyz
I'm on the 6th week of my first test-e cycle right now and was wondering if yall have heard of non-responders to test-e? Because I put on 10 lbs with my dbol kickstart and maybe have put on a pound since. My eating and training are the same, I'm also taking letro (so it shouldn't be anything to do with water retention). I know my test-e is legit (egypt). Is there a possibility that the test-e hasn't built up in my system enough to effect me?

I haven't lost any weight since the dbol so it must be doing something. Also my diet and trainging is up to par. My stength has gone up in a couple lifts tho (like 5lbs in past 2 weeks since dbol), non have dropped rest have stayed static. I'm tempted to just right back on the dbol the last 4 weeks. What do yall think? I should wait it out another week and then jump on some my dbol again if I'm still at the same weight, and never touch test-e again?


What dosages are you using? Noticed any other effects such as increased libido? And btw 10-15 lbs isn't a bad gain on a cycle - especially if you havn't maxed your natty training out, which will leave you lacking your full potential of androgen receptors to bind the test.


500mg of test-e ew. I noticed when I forget to take letro (2-2.5 mg ed - a lot I know, any less and nipples start itching) I had itchy and painful nipples. I was real tired the fourth week of dbol and test-e but since I've been OK. I'm not quite at my potential. I understand 10-15's a good amount for a cycle, but its my first and I haven't gained anything for the last two weeks I've been on test-e - right when I stopped dbol the sacale stopped (all together have been on test-e for 6 weeks).


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That is a low dose, in my opinion. I wouldn't use any less than 750mg a week (if enthanate is the only injectable). But again, you are keeping estrogen low and maybe not taking enough calories in.

Not too long ago, I used enthanate at 500mg/week for 5 weeks to test out the quality of the current supplier I have. And for me, that 5 weeks was pretty useless. I felt the effects of testosterone (night sweats, increased strength) but gains were minimal to none. So, I wouldn't freak out.