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Test E, Mast P, Tren A, EQ Cycle

I have run a few cycles over 10 years ago, and about 2 months ago ran the following cycle:

  • (300 mg/1 ml) Testosterone Enanthate - 1 times a week
  • (100 mg/1 ml) Trenbolone Acetate - 1 times a week
  • (100 mg/ 1 ml) Masterone Propiante - 1 times a week

I did’t run any A.I (Big mistake) in that I developed severe acne.
PCT: Ran something I purchased on Amazon, and I have to say it did the job. Didn’t keep much gains.
Planning on taking this on my new cycle starting in a few weeks:

  • (300 mg/1 ml) Testosterone Enanthate - 1 times a week = 300 mg

  • (100 mg/1 ml) Trenbolone Acetate - 3 times a week = 300 mg

  • (100 mg/ 1 ml) Masterone Propiante - 2 times a week = 200 mg

  • List item

Arimidex @ .5 every (2) days

Should I throw in some EQ? And if I do, how much? 300 mg a week?

Thanks for the Bro science .

So you probably seriously harmed your body for nothing after PCT? That’s not how to do it. If you’re taking Tren, you should at least get something out of it, otherwise the risks outweigh the benefits too strongly.
Plan your PCT better so you end up getting something out of the damage to your body.

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I agree with you

I do have a PCT protocol this time, my apologies for omitting it:

3 weeks after last injections:

1 Tab Daily for 20 days: Nova
Same: Clomid

You need around 4 weeks for the T E to clear before starting PCT. what is your plan during that time to stay anabolic? You run a 16 week cycle effectively into PCT and for a full quarter of it take nothing, it doesn’t make sense.
Also you don’t run clomid and nolva together, they function similarly. You can run just nolva for 30 days in structured doses. I used to run clomid at 25-50mg/day for 7 days then nolva at 20mg/day for 30 days.
As for your bridge. You could use test prop or an oral like Tbol or var for the last 6 weeks of your cycle into the PCT. you could also run HCG for this time or alongside this.
I doubt you’d need an AI but have it available. That amount of Adex with masteron is going to fuck with you. I’m not familiar with Tren so can’t comment on adding that but reading your post, I wonder if you really need the Tren to achieve what you want and if that can’t be done with better diet and training?


Thanks bro. Its overwhelming reading varying options. I’ve been ready the Anabolic 10th edition