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Test E/Mast E/Primo E Mixture

Hola! When browsing google with questions, I often got linked back here so made an account!

Just done my first cycle of Test E 525mg a week for 10 weeks. Just finished tamox PCT 40/40/20/20mg. No nipple sensitivity whatsoever. I did get some acne on my back shoulders but seems to be able to manage it if I changed my gym top immediately and made sure I used scrub + bio oil daily(prone to it anyway).

  • Male, 26 and 5 foot 11+ (181 cm) -
  • Starting natty stats after about 2 years of lifting - 78kg(171lbs) 16-17% bf
  • Current stats - 85.5kg down to 84.5kg(186lbs) now but stable on maintenance cals. 16-17% bf.
  • 1RMs. Bench 130kg, OHP 80kg(weak spot), Squat 160kg, Dead 210kg.
    I want to do another cycle in 10 weeks or so but want to try and drop this fat down to around the 10% mark during.

Looking for some advice on the following.
I have a few 10ml bottles of a Test E 300mg and I have a few 10ml bottle of a mixture containing Test E 200mg, Mast E 100mg, Primo E 100mg.

With my very limited knowledge I was thinking of running the mixture and keeping things as simple as possible, adjusting if required to react to any negative sides.
Weeks 1-12: 600mg Test E, 300mg Mast E, 300mg Primo E
Week 15: start PCT.

I’ve read lots of threads saying primo is pointless at that low a dose but was thinking stacked with the mast, both at that dose may just be a nice nudge in the right direction for a 2nd cycle?

I could just use the Test E on it’s own and buy some bottles of something else but wanted to see what you gurus thought. Thanks and sorry for the long read :stuck_out_tongue:

Well your going to be doing a stack of 1200mg of steroids per week so its not going to matter if someone says 300mg a week of primo is useless( personally I don’t think 300mg of primo is too small providing you are also doing 200 or more of test as well).
1200mg that’s a pretty decent sized cycle, more than double your first cycle. You would probably still get very impressive gains with 600mgs steroids per week. There is plenty of time to do bigger stacks, but you may not find it necessary. I find cumulative gains from moderate successive cycles to give impressive results, when compared to the usual mediocre gains from your first cycle.

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Agree with Beyond, also consider keeping back the test/mast/primo blend for the last 4 weeks ? So you’d bulk up on test, then lower (hopefully) all your water retention at the tail end.

I didn’t think of it in total mg if I’m honest so thank you for your response.
Maybe 600mg T and some oral winny 50mg for the last 4/6 weeks could be a better option.
Probably more sensible than going double mg total and 2 more compounds I’ve not had any experience with like an excited boy haha