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Test E + Mast E First Jab Complication

Hey guys,

I’ve read enough forums and blogs to know the criticism I’m about to get, end of the day; everyone has their reasoning.

I’ve only been training for a year and a half now, I made the decision to get on gear and I was reccomended by “a bigger guy” that I get on test and mast. After about 2 months of reading about this combination online (even though my body fat is over 8%) I got really excited for these compounds.

My first injection was yesterday afternoon, in my glutes
1ml of test e 250
1 ml of mast e 100

I didn’t feel the injection at all. It was done correctly as far as I believe, injected slow, left in the for a few seconds after, after half an hour rubbed the muscle.

By night time it felt tender and a bit sore, this morning I woke up to the pain being in my entire lower back and glute, barely being able to limp to the bathroom where I sweat like crazy and threw up… for a little while. My head felt like a pin and my hearing came in and faded out a few times during.

I made this account and I feel completely fine now, a little hungry im going to go mash some eggs and boiled potato together… but my lower back and glute pain is still prominent.

Should I be worried at this point or is this a regular first timers experience? Also im a 24 year old Male with normal bloods.

Thank you to anyone who takes me seriously.

It’s not exactly a normal presentation, but it’s certainly common for a first time injection. When I started on TRT I tried quad injections and couldn’t walk. I was nauseous for the first 20 minutes after I injected that first time. By week three it was as if I’d been doing it my whole life. You’ll adapt quickly.

I’ve never had that experience before. Is it UGL gear? It may have a ton of BA in it due to sterility concerns.

I think I’ll stick to glutes and if I venture out, I’ll move to shoulders, I’d be way too scared to hit quads!

Theres not too much info about them online, 2 great reviews and 2 bad reviews, and one real life account who says it’s pretty good.

Week 2, same pain, no sickness. Eyes are bloodshot red for hours after I inject, then I wake up at night from the pain all in my lower back and glute.

So let me get this straight…

You’ve never run a cycle before and you start with test and masteron?

Do yourself a favor and drop the masteron and only use the test. Always start with test for a first cycle. You have no idea whether or not what you’re experiencing is from one or the other drug.

Delts or quads are fine to inject. I first went shoulders and quads the first five years I was taking. Only recently have I started injecting my glutes. Try a different area and use only the test and see if things improve. I NEVER experienced what you are experiencing injecting 200mg test into my shoulders the first few weeks I started TRT. If you still experience that pain/sickness in a different area using only test, its safe to say your stuff is either crap or your body does not react well to the oil being used to transport the test to the body.

Hey so yeah, you do have that right.

Just so you know though man out of the 4 injections I’ve had, 3 of them being both compounds; the 1 I’ve had of just masteron, is the only painless one I’ve had, so I believe its the test causing this pain.

Do your vials specify what ingredients are used for carrier oil, and BB, BA content?

It just says pharmaceutical grade natural oil, BB and BA, dorsnt specify the amount.

That makes it tricky to work out what the problem is.
My current pharma grade sustanon 250 is arachis oil(peanut), and 10% BA, no BB. That’s much higher than the 2% BA currently recommended by most home brewers. It can be totally painless, but sometimes I get a little mild PIP.

Might as well leave a little update here,

Im going into week 4/10 today, the original issue never happened again and the pain is still bad but no longer in my lower back, just in my glute and becoming more manageable.

The only changes I’ve noticed so far are:
a decrease in testicle size, a moderate boost to sex drive, a little bit more strength in the gym and some days I sleep for 10 hours like a dead body and others im in and out of sleep every 2 hours.

I dont have much more energy than usual, I’m eating a lot, and my body is still looking fairly similar to when I started.