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Test E Low Dosage Effectiveness?

I seen how brutal some of you guys are on this forum so I’ll try not to make you guys rip me a new a**hole lol. Well I was wondering is a low dosage of test e be effective for a lean bulk cycle (250mg-300mg). I know most guys say do 500mg a week to get the most of it since i’ll be shutdown anyway, BUT on the flip side of the same coin i’m not looking to get huge as possible. Not wanting to like like jeff seid, simeon panda, etc. (just an example)…more like Eugen Sandow, bobby pandour, author saxon, etc.

25yrs old, 7years lifting (training to be a bar athlete), 5’11, 225lbs

I mainly want to pick up some lagging body parts

p.s, I did a cycle of spawn, and epistane before

hey crazy_leggz,

i just started the same cycle. have you finished your cycle? i have some question that id love to hear your input on.

how much did you weigh in the pic on the top left?

what were your caloric intakes by day?

and have you dont pct and if so what were the specs on that.

i was told to start with test p and load into test e

Hey brother I haven’t started the cycle yet but plan on it soon. I have everything lined up.

That picture was when I first started lifting. I was like 150lbs. Did my first oral cycle at 210lbs (last year). Bottom 2 was taken last week. I really don’t calculate calories. I just eat Like they did in the old days

300mg will be effective. Obviously it won’t be as effective as a higher dose but you’ll still get something out of it.

You’ve got a good physique already so I’m sure the results’ll be good.


I had good success with 250mg per week of test c. I ran it for 11 weeks. I was able to maintain 15lbs after pct. Even if you only gain 5 pounds, to me if is worth it. i feel like slow steady gains with a proper pct are easer to maintain. I suggest try it, if you are not happy with the results next time you can do more.

Exactly!!! Even 5lbs is good enough for me.

Where do you guys buy syringes? Having trouble finding some

You’ll see results at 300. Most Test E I see is 250mg/ml tho so if you end up with that, i’d recommend 1ml (cc) twice a week for 500/wk total.

You can get syringes at a reliable online source which can be sketchy or at the local pharmacy saying its for somthing other than steroids.
Needles are not illegal to buy or own but pharmacys do retain the right to deny the sale of needles to anyone.
Just do your research online. Theres alot out there that is extremely helpful.