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Test E Lean Bulk Suggestions?

I’m in my PCT phase of my first test e cycle. Once the PCT is over I will take about 8 weeks off in a small surplus/maintenance. When that’s done I would like to start cutting, for 10-12 weeks and then start a lean bulk, I am thinking that maybe for the last 4 weeks of my cut I start running test e 500 mg/ wk, so that once I’m actually in the lean bulk phase I will already be seeing some strength and in just a few weeks some muscle gain. Any thoughts on this?

Similar to what I’ve done in the past, worked just fine.

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No reason why it wouldn’t work, assuming the other variables are controlled. What were the results of your first cycle? How did you like it overall?

Enjoyed the results, still lacking in some areas though so I’d like to use this cut -> lean bulk phase to create my best ever physique

The overall plan seems to make sense. You’re taking a good amount of time off in between cycles, you’re being smart about maintenance post-cycle (which is hugely important and often overlooked), and it doesn’t sound like you’re planning on doing the usual second cycle “I want to add nine new compounds” thing that lots of guys do. All-in-all I’d say the plan makes sense.

I’m just interested to see how the sudden water retention from the test will interact with my cut, mainly from an aesthetic POV

Just bumping in case anyone else has experience with this as I will be starting this cycle format soon