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Test E Kick In Time

I was wondering, how much time does it take for a Test E user to start seeying the massive gains everyone talks about. I’ve purchased some from an online source, I’m entering my 3rd week and I don’t feel much different(it’s my first cycle). I’m unsure if my source is legit because i’ve seen so many different opinions about it on the internet.

So the sooner I start feeling the effects, the sooner i’ll know if it’s the real deal!

I take 400mg of Test E per week ( 2 shots of 200mg )

For some it takes up to 7-weeks for the user to start showing othrs the first week.

When ever i inject i get a rush like i just drank 50-cups of coffee.

Any who thats just me.

Just keep going and hope for the best

It seems that the most common time frame is 4 weeks.

This has to be the most over asked question in the history of steroid forums, and I can not believe it is your first post.

thanks for the info!