Test E is Yellow, Test P is Clear?

I received both from the same place. The Enth is yellow and the prop is completely clear. Is this normal? Also the Enth is 3 months from its expiration date, is it still worth using or is it pretty much bunk at this point? Thank you in advance for your input!




I’ve seen even clear and yellow. Depends on what they brew with.

Expiration dates are very conservative for pharma grade items. Underground labs, who knows how they are setting their dates, but most seem to be reasonable IME. If it was me, I’d try a small dose first to see how I react to it. I’d do that if ever switching sources (I’d always do bloods with a new source as well) as well.

I’d switch sources if they sent me that though.

What are your training plans? Any goals?

It’s not their fault. Ive had the gear for a long time. I wasn’t ready when I bought it originally. Had to take time to get serious and get to an optimal bf%. I’m there now, in my eyes I’m ready and bf% is good.

You seem like a nice and knowledgeable fellow so hopefully I won’t bother you with 2 more questions. Once I start the cycle how long after should I get my bloods done? I’m gonna get them done before of course to have a baseline, but how long after? I’d like to make sure the gear is worth pinning before I go through with the whole cycle as you recommended.

Also what’s my cheapest and easiest option for getting my blood work done? You ever done the mail in bloodwork sites? I figured that would be the cheapest and easiest, but there is also a site called walk in labs that I can get a lab order prescribed and then just go to a lab Corp or something.

Thanks again for the insight my friend!

If they are the same oil, then no, that is not normal. If they were made with different oils then it’s probably fine

Just do half way through.

I was more saying to do that to make sure you don’t have a bad reaction to it or anything. Not all UGL brew the same. Some might be painless and not irritate your body. Some might hurt a lot, and cause inflammation.

I cruise, so knowing the Test is good is important to me. That I can take X amount and expect my blood values to be about Y is important. I buy enough to last me so I don’t have to verify quality all the time. For just a cycle, if it is a little under or overdosed it probably isn’t as big of a deal. Most places do pretty well with Testosterone though. More expensive stuff can vary more.

Yep, the wouldn’t give me a result because it was out of range. It was a pain in the ass filling up the little vial as well. Had to prick my finger like 10 times.

This is what I do now. I can’t link exact sites with a link, but I use discountedlabs. I think you can choose Quest or Lab Corp. I select Quest (it is in the same building where I am located as Lab Corp), and it is about half the cost. Others here use PrivateMDLabs. If you use the place I use, you can save some money with package deals. Search BBer panels.