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Test E Injections Every Day

Please sanity check me. Mid-30’s, 5’7’’, 190, 10%. This is at least my 10th full cycle. Simple Test E and Masteron Cycle. I was running Winny but had terrible pumps and I need to be able to run so I dropped it last week. I kicked the cycle with Anavar, but that’s gone too. I realize I’m not lean enough to see real results with the Masteron but my body responds well to it and I keep it in every cycle.

-Are there any downsides to me pinning smaller amounts of Test E every day? Since I’m already injecting Masteron ED, I’d rather just do smaller shots of Test in the same tube. I’m assuming it would make my blood levels more stable and reduce overall PIP. Am I missing something? Is this a bad decision for any reason I’m too ignorant to see? I don’t mind pinning every day, so I don’t see much of a down side. I was shooting 500 of Test E twice a week. Now I’m pushing about 83 per day, putting me just below 600 for the week.


Well, side from long term build up of scar tissue from such frequent injections, not really… But WHY, the half life of TE is 7 days give or take a few, thus the fluctuations between daily shots and e3.5 day shots (provided you aren’t some kind of genetic freak regarding drug metabolism/elimination) will not be of clinical significance to warrant changing dosing schedules between the two, all it does is add more long term burden, so… Why?

But yea you CAN do it in theory, just no point.

Do you get cardiovascular health checked regularly? Just curious, I’d assume by 10th cycle (if you aren’t like me and actually use legitimate cycle doses) that you’d have some degree of cardiac enlargement. (My current and heaviest ever cycle is 100mg test 200mg mast)

I see no major issue. But If I were going to to that I would just use test prop.

Mast p doesn’t need to be pinned ED either fyi. It’s one of the few prop compounds I don’t see a real benefit of pinning ED I usually suggest prop esters being pinned ED but small fluctuations in mast won’t cause any side effects or chnage the out come. You could easily pin the mast m/w/f with the test and have the same results.

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