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Test E Injection Pain

Hi bought a month ago testosterone enantate…400mg ml…but the shots are too painful even 0.2 ml hurts for 3 or 4 days…i me thiking of stoping and do a mini pct… 2 weeks nolvadex… my leg is still red and hot after 2 days.

Can you help?

Yes. Buy something else, that’s way too strong. It is going to hurt pretty much no matter what. You need a significantly weaker concentration, no more than 250mg/ml.

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With testosterone being fairly cheap this is probably not worth it but just curious if he can cut it by adding additional sterile oil of even weight? Like draw a 1/2cc of 400mg and then draw the other half with just oil (making it 1cc of 200mg). I’m sure getting it to actually disperse between the two could be an issue but seems possible.

He can, there are some very explicit directions in some old threads in Pharma, but he’s probably better off just buying something else. Anyone that would deliberately make this concentration and sell it isn’t too worried about the end user and should be avoided.

I’ve used 400mg per ml concentration on my last 2 cycles. Didnt have any issues with it myself.

If you’re using 1ml 29 gauge insulin syringes, there is no pain to speak of. Perhaps it’s the ester that doesn’t agree with you and not the act of pricking the skin.

Are you using the mini harpoons?

It’s not the needle size, it’s whatever solvents the brewer used to get the test to hold at that concentration. For some like @pwrlftr1990 this doesn’t bother them. For other guys it’s flat out crippling. Hell, I can’t use anything brewed in mig because it makes me wish for death. For other guys it’s the best thing they’ve ever used.

I am using insulin needles…so it isnt the case…probably just the concentration. 0,2 ml and the pain lasts for 3 days. Should i stop and make a mini pct? Thanks

Just switch to a different product and keep on going.