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Test E Injection Frequency

so I’ve been injecting an 250 mg test e ampule every 3 days but decided to cut it to half and inject 125mg every 3 days instead. I’ve tried drawing the test from the amps into 2 different syringes but the dosage loss was too great as the oil stuck to the syringes and the injector walls… so I’ve decided to inject 1 ampoule every 5 days which is barely over the test e half life and my question is if this is going to make my blood levels too unstable?

picture below is what the on cycle blood levels are going to look like if I go ahead with this plan ( I’m on week 7 right now)

I do not understand how you’re losing oil by taking it from the amp, drawing it into a syringe, and injecting it. That’s the same as drawing from a vial but the shape is different. Your loss should be nearly zero. And yes, your blood levels will be fairly unstable with that schedule, but it’s (probably) not going to hurt you.

there’s always residue in the needle and the injector tube walls also the tip that the needle sits on. this isn’t normally an issue but I’m drawing 1ml into 2 separate syringes so the loss is doubled.
should I draw 1ml into one syringe and only inject half of it? wouldn’t what I leave in the syringe be contaminated since I aspirate before injecting? if not,then I should be fine as long as I change the needle and inject the other half I left in the need later right? now if these are all true then all that’s left is pulling injecting only the half perfectly because if I don’t do it perfectly then I’m going to have unstable levels anyway which will defeat the whole purpose :grin:

Honestly, and don’t take this the wrong way, but it sounds like you really don’t know what you’re doing. I’ve been pinning twice a week for nearly three years and I’ve never seen anything beyond a trace amount of loss in any syringe or needle. You shouldn’t have anything sticking to the walls of the syringe barrel. They’re literally made to push out everything that’s on the sides into the center and out the needle. Beyond that, I cannot imagine for the life of me why you’re aspirating before injection. It’s not heroin. It’s going IM, and aspirating is completely unnecessary and runs the risk of causing some actual pain if, during the aspiration, you move the needle a tad bit. If you’re losing a significant amount of oil then the problem is in your technique, not the amps or the syringes. I’ve never seen it in my own experience and have never heard of it outside of a few scant comments/questions over on Reddit. You should not be losing enough for it to make any measurable difference in your actual blood levels of testosterone. It feels like you’re either overthinking it or you need to improve your process. Because this isn’t a real problem for most users.

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wait so you’re not supposed to aspirate? even when pinning quads?