Test E Injection Every 3 Days Instead of 4?

Can I pin test e every 3 days, pinning 250mg each time…I have only 8.5 weeks to cycle, and I don’t think 500mg a week isn’t enough for a 8 week cycle for solid results, stats 24yr, lifted for 6 years, 5’8 170 7%

you know you can pin 375 teice a week right? 3 times is fine too if you want.

500 is a decent dose by the way for a first go.

Thanks man, started pinning already for about a week, I don’t feel like I’ll get the most out of the cycle with 500mg 8wks, should I up the dose as pinning 250 every 3 days or keep it at that?first cycle…

Why only 8 weeks for test e? Yea it will work, but you’d be better off running 500mg for 10-12 weeks.

Going out of the country, didnt know it would happened when initiated the cycle, it’s a first cycle, want to see how the body reacts to plain test, but yeah my idea was to do basically 10wks in 8wks, as instead of shooting every 3.5 days I shoot every 3 days, 250mg of test enanthante. thoughts? Should I just stick to the 8wks? I follow a very strict iifym diet as we’ll as cutting carbs and carb up, which am doing beguining of cycle to enter as shredded as I can, am expecting 16lbs underwater weight after water loss, could it be done in 8 week 250mg?

Well you’ve already started so might as well finish. Dose is really up to you. But are you factoring in time for your pct??

You’ve been lifting for 6 years and your 170 pounds?

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[quote]Animal83 wrote:
You’ve been lifting for 6 years and your 170 pounds?[/quote]

What’s wrong with being 170 at 5’8? And how do you he didnt start at 110pounds?

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That’s still only 60lbs… I guess some people just don’t take it as seriously as others

I just finished a cut, 7% bf for 170 5’8 is not bad at all, I am about stage weight and ready for my height, 6 years natural…started at 106