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Test E Injection Area Swollen and Feeling Hot

Hello T citizens.

Desperately in need for some advice before I seek medical attention.

I’m on a Winnie Test e cycle only, second week in.The biggest problem so far it’s that after the test injection the area gets swollen, hardened and it looks that the muscle it’s spasmed. This is very painful and lasts at least 4 days and really limits my rom to the point I’m struggling to lift/train. On top of that I’m getting really hot the day after and it lasts 48 hours.

I’ve done test e cycles before and never experienced such pain and discomfort. All the sanitary steps are in place before taking the shot.


Maybe a different carrier oil? I know that I don’t respond well to a certain oil that I used very briefly once and I had a similarly bad reaction to it.

Thanks for the reply. That’s what I was thinking, so ordered a test e today from a different supplier. Hopefully it’s just a reaction and not bacteria or infection as I was reading somewhere

I had this very reaction. Redness almost spread down into my tricep. Very stiff in mornings, painful to move etc. Apparently its common with test e.

Test cyp sorted it right out…