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Test E Injection and Symptoms


I am on week 8 of test e, two shots a week, 250 a shot

starting to see strength and size gains, but i got hit with a fever. it broke this morning but now i have the chills

coincidence or is something else wrong? i shoot mon and thurs nights


Week 8? It's a coincidence. Swine flu, probably :wink:

So what are your gains so far?


gained 20 lbs
bench was at 280 for 6's now it is 305 for 5's
squat was at 355 for 4's and now 5's at 395

this swine flu, ha, has thrown me off this week so i am having to push my workouts back

incline was at 220 for 6's (incline has sucked for a while) and now i was hitting 275 for 6's


I'm not so sure if it is a coincidence.

I've been wanting to ask about this for a while so let me lay it out here.

Years ago I did an very underdosed or possibly fake test E cycle. Shots were semi-painful but going OK until about the 6th week I also got a fever, chills, and a sore ass. I can't really remember but I may have stopped the cycle then.

Recently I was injecting test E that previously had given me no trouble but now it has led to 3 painful sore injections, one of which I got a big red welp!

How common is it to contaminate a given vial? I always wipe the vial, rub my skin thoroughly, etc. I also try to inject after a shower so I am extra clean.


i figured i jus got sick, but since this is my first cycle i couldn't figure out why my heart rate was constantly above 100 bpm when my pre-juice resting heart rate was in the 60's


i have been alcohol swabbing my leg and recently started swabbing the vial with a different alcohol pad. I try to vary where i pin, mon is right leg, thurs is left, and i change it up between high and low.

my leg has been sore and stiff, actually limiting my range of motion, but my leg has been fine this week. i have had minor swelling before but this week was going well until i woke up with a fever


That's interesting. It could well be that the gear was slightly contaminated to begin with, and the bacterial count increased to something more significant during the course of your cycle.


Just got my BP and resting heart rate taken today after an 8 week test e cycle with some tren ace and dbol thrown in. I am happy to say they were as follows:

BP: 122/63
Pulse: 68/minute


high Supraphysiological doses of testosterone is immunosuppresive. You are probably training harder than ususal too, so i think it is easier to get sick while on a cycle. On a couple of test cycles, i almost got the flu.


how many weeks are you going to do??? i am on week 9 of a 12 week test e cycle its my first one and so far i have had good results around 15 lbs are you saying that you are just starting to see size and gains at week eight??..


Resting heart rate is no measurement of fitness or health as is.


goose-i started the cycle at 220lbs and I am 235 now. strength gains have been consistent but nothing ridiculous. fever is gone and i'm look'n forward to kill'n my workout monday. i am coming up on week 10 of 12

brook- i mentioned heart rate bc there was a noticeable increase in resting hr from before cycle to during cycle and didn't know if it was important to mention


Sorry - i was talking to DH - should have quoted.


Probably more common than you might think. I've had this problem a number of times. Both with UGL stuff and product that I brewed on my own. I cannot vouch for the UGL stuff, but I can say I have had a filtration issue one time with some tren that caused the final product to look just the slightest, tiniest bit cloudy. So tiny that I ignored it and shot it anyway. Well, those were the most painful injections of my life (post injection pain, not when I was shooting). I could hardly walk for a week from a single GLUTE injection! And I was shooting every day! I was absolutely miserable. On top of that, I had the common "test flu," though this was tren.

Well, I solved the entire problem with one quick second filtration. This time the product came out decidedly more clear and friendly looking, and injections were again smooth and 100% painless.


And I was only mentioning my heart rate as it relates to the op's reference of high heart rate that he suspected was brought on by AAS. I compared my experience to his. Was not bragging about fitness or health - just happy I hadn't experienced a similar jump. As for blood pressure, I haven't had that taken in quite a while and was quite concerned that mine may have been elevated so I was relieved to see it was at a good level.


I wasn't under the impression you were 'bragging' about your health. Just mentioning that you needn't do a RHR test post cycle.