Test E inject Help

Hello, I need people with lots of exp. to answer this because they know. I’m just going to be straight with this so here it goes. I’ve done 500mg/test E for about 2 or 3 weeks now, I inject into my ass cheek right than left side. I injected right, left, right but for my fourth inject i thought to try my thigh. I play sports and it was hard to play with my ass hurting so i thought thigh would be less pain but I was wrong! The pain was worse. It’s been 4 days after I injected.

My thigh was red and warm and had some inflammation, the red ness yesterday was almost my whole leg kneecap to hip. But only in a strip on my inner part. It’s been painful but the pain has gone down a lot. It’s still a little pain ful but not bad. The redness however has gone down a bit but not much! It’s still red and kinda warm to touch. Someone help me. I need advice. I’ve had hot showers for it. I also take alive to reduce inflammation and pain which has been working.

I just want to know if this has happend to you and what you did to help it please don’t comment about going to the doctors I already know about that but I’m trying to find out what you guys know and think. This IS MY FIRST CYCLE OF INJECTS

Never had it happen. Never heard of it to the extent you have posted. Throw the shit away. Too much ba can make it hurt but red and warm is a sign of Infection. IF IT DOES NOT CLEAR UP within a few days go to the DOCTOR befor a possible blood infection occurs.

Had a lot of pain, first time I pinned in the thigh, it’s my first cycle too, pinned test E, the pain was to the extreme, but tyre wasn’t any redness like you discribed, It took 7 days to away, I guess it was because I opened up a new spot to inject, I suggest you keep it on the glutes, Wait a little and if it doesn’t go away get checked out, don’t throw away the gear, check if it’s legit first

Exactly dont throw it away because of one bad pin. How big are you stats. Usually when you get a ton of spreading like that it is due to the oil leaking out of the muscle and into the the thin fat layer between and gravity carries it down. If you shot in the glutes 3 times and had no problems this is most likely user error not the gear.

He said his ass was hurting to bad that is why he went to the quads.

Maybe he is just a puss lol. Jk I don’t know what to tell you if your not getting a infection its probably to high of BA which other than a lot of pain nothing else bad will really come from it so man up and go on or trash it.

how deep are you putting the needle, you cant go too shallow especially if you are a fat ass

Once i had some 450. I thought i would take half mix it with 1 from my pharma it hurt for a week. So i thought hell i will mix .25 to 1 still hurt for a week. I heated it, did everything except refilter it. Mixed this oil-that oil. Different pharma stuff. After about 5 tries and about 2 c out of the btl. I tossed it. That much pain is not worth it. Way to much ba. But to have the area warm and red for days. Never and i have used some stuff that i think now ( what was i thinking). Stuff made from everclear,Mixed with shine. And like i said never had red and warm. All the stuff i ever used worked. Always got stronger,bigger etc. Some things do not work for some ppl, this guys stuff could be good. But again if the redness does not go away the warm to the touch stays. Something is wrong. If it is doing nothing but giving the stuff he says above, after 6-7 weeks. I would stop using it.

What gauge needles you using and how many ml’s of oil in each pin?

What pin procedure you using like;
Are you alcohol wiping injection site prior to injection?
Are you using alcohol gel on your hands prior to handling stuff?
Are you also alcohol wiping top of the vial before loading the syringe?
Are you using separate pin to inject and load?
What are you using to put on pin site after inject like sterile cotton wool bud?

Normal feeling is slight prick going in, sometimes a little burn when oil goes in depending on if you near a nerve, sometimes no pain at all, I found quad hit nerve a lot more than glute ever did.

Post injection the next few days it feels a bit bruised and inflexible and I found this eased up after few pins in the site and was dependent on how much oil, like more oil the worse this was.

Hope that helps and if you answer the above we will be able to tell you more.